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A global energy company engaged in natural gas production, natural gas and crude oil marketing & trading activities was aiming for growth. The company wanted to improve the accuracy and speed of reporting and increase internal productivity to expand the scope of its trading activities.

The growth aspirations had to be facilitated through an ETRM upgrade which would enable lean processes, improve stability, and enhance the efficiency in the natural gas scheduling process. The client contacted Value Creed intending to transform their growth vision into tangible results.

The Imperative Challenge

The client’s existing ETRM solution wasn’t equipped to support its growth plans. The solution often faced performance and reliability issues leading to downtime.

Due to the global nature of existing operations, the extensiveness of the solution posed a major challenge for the ETRM upgrade. The upgrade also required strong coordination between all the stakeholders and a strict vigil over the budget and timelines.

Our Transformative Solution

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Disruptions in Migration

The client collaborated with Value Creed and an additional partner for expanding the scope of trading operations. Strong governance processes and frameworks were designed to promote seamless coordination and transparency. Agile methodology was adopted for better project control and a disruption-free system upgrade.

Our team realized the need for a CTRM upgrade to Horizon and cloud migration of its existing systems. Azure cloud was used to improve the stability and performance of the existing system.

2000+ different customizations from the existing solution were analyzed in totality. A structured class event catalogue was developed for ease of understanding and scalability.

The new functionalities and features allowed the client to expand the trading scope. The client could add new financial trading products, access better credit exposure and P&L attribution reporting due to the new curve structures. The new reporting system enabled accurate decision-making in a timely manner for both front and middle office.

The Final Outcome

Value Creed was successful in resolving the system issues, improving the operational performance and augmented the process of growth. Existing customizations were transformed into lean processes and new functionalities were added to improve stability and expand the scope of trading for the client. Zero disruptions were observed to minimize the routine operational hassles by following a strategic design-build-iterate agile approach. After the delivery, the client was able to scale up its business and enjoyed greater workplace efficiency due to performance, automation and data integrity. Better time management also led to improved gross margins for the client.

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