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How a Large Merchant Trading House Uses Value Creed’s Expertise On Demand and Managed Services for Error-Free EOD Reporting​

Value Creed solves process bottlenecks, high-volume bug tracking needs, and chronic EOD issues in new way

A large merchant trading house facilitates a huge number of trades daily via their CTRM system. Using Value Creed’s Managed Services and Expertise On-Demand, the client gained both proactive monitoring and reactive resolutions for their End-of-Day (EOD) valuations, creating:

  • A bug tracking helpdesk for over 2,500 monthly tickets
  • Documentation for EOD reports leading to higher in-house productivity
  • Extended their CTRM to meet the demanding needs of various business processes

See how Managed Services and Expertise On-Demand made the difference in this detailed case study.

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