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How a leading North American gas and electric utility company accelerated its digital transformation journey


Our client, a leading North American gas and electric utility company, wanted to modernize their business processes to take advantage of new CTRM system efficiencies, with a goal to help their customers transition to a clean energy future.

To realize this goal, our client needed an experienced partner like Value Creed capable of optimizing and upgrading their CTRM system to ensure all new releases could be maintained across the organization quickly and efficiently.

The client was struggling with an outdated version of CTRM impeded by slow performance and significant customized extensions, and was wary of upgrading the system due to the risk of not receiving support from their vendor as well as the cost of maintaining the database and its infrastructure.

To overcome this, our team was tasked with the responsibility of undertaking a CTRM upgrade, without compromising user experience and functionality. For our client, that meant a multi-version CTRM upgrade process, Oracle to SQL database conversion, and migration of their CTRM application to the cloud within an ambitious timeline. This approach would ensure that the system would have a stable infrastructure along with increased efficiency, better accessibility, and reduced costs of system maintenance.

The Imperative Challenge

Our Transformative Solution

Value Creed collaborated with the client to discover and prioritize key initiatives, leveraging agile development processes to expedite migration and deployment of an CTRM application, database conversion, and migration of their CTRM application into the cloud in just eleven months. We joined hands with our leading partner to create a powerful core team to deliver project objectives ahead of time. Developing a comprehensive schedule, robust defect identification and mitigation tools, and a strong governance framework ensured transparency among all project stakeholders.

Our team deployed CTRM environments on Azure for the upgrade, and migrated data onto the cloud. The upgrade process was carried out in four repetitive cycles of iterative delivery with end-to-end functional and technical testing and validation of complex transactions, followed by integration and remediation of all issues.

Our dual time model ensured that the project was delivered smoothly, with thorough testing of 400+ User Acceptance Test cases with a pass percentage of over 99%. Value Creed not only provided business user training but also transferred knowledge to the client’s business and IT support teams to maintain their infrastructure and system configurations with ease. We delivered new, enhanced functionality in multiple areas including renewable products management, LNG scheduling, and middle office price uploads.

The Final Outcome

Value Creed met the strategic project requirements – cloud migration, database conversion and CTRM upgrade – within aggressive timelines through our global delivery model. The project delivered a “like-for-like” upgrade through which the client’s existing configurations were moved to the updated CTRM version while making certain that all business processes were unaltered and the client was able to continue accomplishing their goals.

As an added benefit, we automated the client’s manual effort of managing renewable credit positions which resulted in error avoidance and increased efficiency in the trade to cash process.

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