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Boost Commodity Shipment Trade Security with Lloyd’s List Intelligence

Navigating Real-Time Challenges in Commodity Shipment Logistics

In the fast-paced world of commodity trading, delivering shipments to customers’ preferred locations efficiently and cost-effectively is crucial. Traders rely on robust logistics systems to transport commodities, optimizing economies of scale and minimizing shipment costs. Typically, commodity trading firms operate dedicated shipping or freight desks that select the most efficient and safe transportation methods for each delivery to maintain low overall commodity costs. However, when managing commodity deals, these desks must choose a vessel along with its International Maritime Organization (IMO) number for transportation. Often, the shipment team lacks real-time information about the vessel’s availability, operability, credit status, and movements. This information gap can significantly hinder effective transportation and shipment planning, leading to costly delays and inefficiencies.


Shipment Management with Integrated Lloyd’s List Intelligence

To address the above-mentioned issue, the Value Creed team of experts provides an integrated Lloyd’s List Intelligence with your ETRM system. Lloyd’s List Intelligence provides comprehensive maritime data, news, and industry trends. This integration enables the shipment team to access vessel information and track real-time vessel movements, enhancing decision-making and planning.

The interface features a table to retrieve information from Lloyd’s List Intelligence into the ETRM system, providing users with access to the latest vessel data and risk ratings. This interface offers four main features:

Fetch Vessel List

Users can obtain the latest vessel list in the ETRM system

Update Vessel

Users can directly update the downloaded information in the core ETRM tables, facilitating the creation of shipments.

Download Risk Score

Users can regularly download risk scores

Update Vessel Rating

This feature updates vessel ratings in the core ETRM tables, allowing the use of this information in shipment creation.

By integrating these capabilities, the Value Creed team ensures that the shipment team has the necessary real-time data to make informed decisions, optimizing transportation and reducing costs.

Business Scenario

Simplifying Vessel Booking for Crude Delivery

Gain the Edge with Value Creed: Empowering Vessel Management

Value Creed experts excel in implementing custom solutions tailored to your specific system needs. By proactively analyzing industry trends and anticipating potential challenges, we ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Gain an edge with the following advantages of the featured solution:


Centralized Access

Comprehensive vessel information is readily available within the ETRM system, eliminating the need to search multiple websites for current data and streamlining decision-making.


Enhanced Security

The system restricts users from selecting potentially risky vessels for shipment scheduling, ensuring safer transportation.


Informed Decisions

Users can confidently make informed decisions with precise vessel information, including IMO details, contributing to efficient logistics management and minimizing errors.


Automatic Updates

Vessel information is always updated, eliminating manual data entry tasks and ensuring access to the latest data, enhancing operational efficiency.


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