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Endur Expertise On Demand Solutions by Value Creed

Five Ways CIOs Can Leverage Endur Expertise On Demand

Modern business demands require more than merely managing the status quo for CTRM platforms. Whether executives seek to integrate their platform with other systems, provide data transparency to front office users, for instance, or reduce their total cost of ownership for the system, expertise is demanded.  

Value Creed’s teams of technical and functional experts enable your organization to achieve your goals at every stage of the CTRM journey in five unique ways.


Holistic oversight

Teams mired in Endur maintenance must allocate their time to short-term needs, rather than strategic programs.

Increased data capabilities

Now more than ever, data is seen as a corporate asset. Integrating your Endur with data sources makes business use of this asset possible.

Wide-ranging expertise

In-house teams build skills and knowledge, yet Value Creed's technical and functional expertise aids in fulfilling complex demands.

Dual-time zone model

Latent issues are resolved overnight thanks to teams working across time zones for more efficient success.

Global experience

Our experts have worked with CTRM teams across the globe, providing a wealth of insight to each valued client.

Why Value Creed's Expertise On Demand is a Game Changer

There was a time when in-house Endur experts could effectively handle most issues in their commodity management software. Yet the 24/7 nature of modern commodity trading and risk management requires new, more creative solutions for a rapidly evolving market.

Value Creed’s Expertise on Demand offering bridges the gap between the client’s bottom-line needs and the decades of experience available from an outsourced team. This flexible alternative to full-time staffing enables your IT budget to go further for key programs like these:


In order to meet the demands of cost of ownership improvements, Value Creed’s dual timezone support gives CIOs the capacity they need for diverse projects. These may include: scoping and developing new Endur functionality, creating and testing custom extensions, outsourcing repetitive business processes, building dynamic dashboards for decision making and monitoring performance overnight and during the work-day.  


Data Smart™ Solutions for Every Level of Your Business

Data Smart™ desilos your data and places it in the hands of key users, data analysts, and decision-makers. This innovative solution engineers a complete data catalog, transcending data quality issues and optimizing DataOps methodology.

Three Business Critical Dimensions of CTRM Know-how

Each individual working within an Expertise on Demand team possesses a multitude of knowledge from working across multiple accounts. They are familiar with a platform not from a single previous client, but in many different environments, making them more agile when approaching familiar challenges.  This uniquely specialized expertise pays off in a number of ways:

A given vendor can lend valuable support in the early days of implementation, yet when it comes to scaling CTRM needs with market growth, integrations are essential. ValueCreed’s Expertise on Demand consultants can re-architect entirely new solutions or supply key performance upgrades that vastly reduce performance times, often from hours to minutes.
P&L Reporting
Reducing the performance time within CTRM reporting opens up more possibilities for data. Profit and Loss statements, in particular, benefit from on demand expertise, given the up-to-the-minute nature of the data needed to gain key insights.
Inventory Valuation
Objective insights in inventory valuation are essential. A given CTRM software vendor often lacks the in-depth knowledge of a company’s inventory assets and valuation methods. On demand expertise tailors solutions to valuing inventory, no matter the size or shape.
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To a team of on demand CTRM experts, no problem is completely new. Successful businesses know what they need to accomplish to meet their long and short-term goals—Value Creed’s expertise on demand bridges that gap between ‘would’ and ‘can.’


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