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Micro Service Offering: CTRM Platform Testing

Too often, commodities trading companies settle for basic functionality from their CTRM software. Perhaps they lack the specialized IT resources to align an upgrade’s more advanced features and modules to their ideal business practices. Other times, they find it difficult to configure data, events, reports, interfaces, and application dependencies to their upstream or downstream processes.

What’s Included In The CommoditySmart Testing Analysis

Value Creed’s CTRM Testing Assessment analyzes a client’s current CTRM testing procedures and immediate testing needs to develop a proposal for addressing those needs, improving testing efficiency, and leveraging opportunities to implement CTRM testing automation.

For a fee starting at €3,500, we will perform our in-depth CTRM testing analysis, which includes a fixed-fee proposal for implementing our recommendations, giving you a testing strategy that ensures your CTRM system operates smoothly throughout your ownership lifecycle.

Test Case Documentation

Business Impact

Quality Assurance

Sample Testing Analysis Deliverables

The findings from our analysis will be outlined in Value Creed’s recommended CTRM testing project plan, including an estimated budget and external and internal resource requirements.

Sample Upgrade Analysis Deliverables

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CommoditySmart Proposal Includes:

Assessment, recommendations, and impact analysis


Steps to address immediate needs, CTRM testing plan including cases for automation with cost/benefit analysis (hours saved), tools, & use cases

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