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Strategic Operations Transformation: Evaluating ETRM Solutions

Operational Enhancement

A leading power and gas utility in the Northeastern United States operating with multiple ETRM software faced a critical challenge. Their existing ETRM software, essential for managing core operations, was nearing its end-of-support phase, posing a risk to core business processes. Additionally, their regulated business was implementing a separate ETRM solution. Previous support models, including in-house and outsourced IT services, had struggled to meet the evolving needs of the business. The company engaged Value Creed to evaluate the software used by the regulated unit as a potential replacement for the current ETRM software, aiming to consolidate disparate systems into a single, streamlined solution. The chosen system needed to effectively manage front, middle, and back-office activities while seamlessly integrating with the existing technical infrastructure.



Risk Mitigation: Early identification of technical challenges enabled proactive mitigation strategies.


Cost Savings: Cost analysis highlighted potential savings and informed financial decisions.

6 Months

Project Efficiency: Structured approach facilitated timely and resource-efficient decision-making.

A Strategic Approach to Project Success

Value Creed undertook an extensive 8-week assessment to evaluate the suitability of the ETRM solutions:

Understanding Business Needs: Our team conducted comprehensive interviews across the utility’s commodity trading organization to understand its unique requirements, challenges, and objectives. This process identified specific functional and technical requirements essential for the evaluation process. The primary objectives highlighted were:

  • Assess the suitability of alternative ETRM solutions versus upgrading the existing system, considering functionality, scalability, and integration capabilities.
  • Determine the scope and cost implications of integrating the existing ETRM solution with broader business operations.
  • Provide actionable recommendations to ensure the software aligns with long-term strategic objectives and risk management priorities.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Development: Separate, detailed RFPs were crafted and sent to each ETRM solution under consideration, focusing on solution fit, implementation efforts, and supportability to ensure alignment with the utility’s business objectives.

Vendor Demonstrations: Value Creed organized vendor demonstrations to allow stakeholders from both units to interact with the proposed solution. These demonstrations provided valuable insights into the solution’s capabilities in addressing the utility’s business scenarios and requirements.

Evaluation and Feedback: Following the vendor demonstrations, we thoroughly evaluated vendor responses and gathered user feedback from stakeholders. This evaluation compared the solution against the utility’s functional and technical requirements, assessing its suitability as an upgrade to the existing ETRM system.

Cost Analysis: We conducted a comprehensive analysis to establish preliminary cost estimates for the ETRM solutions. This financial assessment enabled the utility to evaluate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of transitioning to the ETRM system of choice.

Comparative Analysis: Our evaluation revealed that the proposed solution demonstrated comparable capabilities to the current system in various aspects, with notable improvements in reporting and book-structure functionality. However, significant limitations in middle and back-office functionalities were identified compared to the current system.

Final Solution Considerations: The assessment emphasized the need for a multi-year phased project approach, estimated over 18 months, and highlighted technical integration challenges. Given the cost, timing, and functional limitations, we recommended upgrading the current system rather than a greenfield implementation of the proposed solution.

Strategic Guidance: Value Creed’s advisory services provided the company with a clear roadmap for evaluating and selecting a future-state ETRM solution. Value Creed played a crucial role in enhancing the utility’s operational efficiency and ensuring alignment with strategic objectives by offering a comprehensive understanding of requirements, mitigating risks, and providing cost-effective recommendations.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Expertise on Demand

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Our Advisory services not only will help you guide your operations but also help you achieve your vision by taking all stakeholders into consideration. Our highly experienced team has combined full lifecycle, functional and technical expertise to deliver frameworks and guidance around building reliable and scalable commodity trading businesses.  

Software Selection

Our comprehensive Software Selection process ensures a complete study of the business operations. Workshops help us to understand the key requirements of business operations to design a process map and conduct a gap analysis. With industry-experienced team members, we understand future business needs, playing a vital role in software selection services.

Key Takeaways

Discover the difference with Value Creed’s Advisory services. Benefit from our deep expertise and tailored solutions to drive informed decisions, mitigate risks, and strategically align your operations. Let us empower your organization with insights and guidance that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Partner with Value Creed to transform challenges into opportunities with our proven track record of empowering organizations for success.

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