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Navigating Your CTRM Journey

Your Roadmap, Guide, and Success on the Road to Value

Do you know where you are on your CTRM journey? You know where you want to take your organization’s operations, reporting, forecasting, and data integration, but the road to run/operate excellence for a CTRM platform is littered with potholes and detours that can delay your journey. In this guide, we will help you understand:

“You Are Here” Sign Post Ahead

Whether you are evaluating platforms, seeking ways to optimize performance or control costs – this video overview explains the stages within the CTRM lifecycle.  

In a few minutes, you’ll have a clear understanding of the “CTRM Journey” to value and purpose of each phase.

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CTRM Success Stories

These case studies are designed to help you understand the value CTRM platform users have gained by engaging Value Creed for services ranging from monitoring the health and stability of the system to extension customization and upgrades.

Forging a Better Path

When your CTRM journey leads you to the run/operate phase, monitoring the platform’s EOD reports is critical.  Yet, errors can occur overnight leaving IT teams to ferret through log files for the cause. 

Value Creed solved this quandary with Proactive overnight monitoring. It gives you optimal flexibility without the hassles. If you need daytime support for user tickets, for example, consider Reactive daytime monitoring.  

Watch and see how this approach works.

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Handling and Responsiveness

As your CTRM operations mature, you may seek the nimbleness and additional functionality and speed that comes with a cloud-hosted CTRM/ETRM platform.  Value Creed can design, streamline, and optimize your cloud-based system to ensure its scalability and adaptability to future strategic initiatives and best practices.

Value Creed’s cloud monitoring service-level agreement guarantees 99% uptime through scheduled backups, error resolution, and server connectivity.

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Upgrades and Customization​

If this is  the point where you need to upgrade, you’ll want to consider  Value Creed’s CTRM selection and upgrade service to protect you from missteps, apply best practice learnings, and assess user needs and processes.

We’ll make sure your CTRM software contains everything your organization needs to improve productivity and cut costs, without costly bells and whistles you will never use. 

Watch and learn from our upgrade experiences.

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Diagnosis and Benchmarking

As the CTRM journey unfolds, often extensions and integration requirements develop.  These must be validated by users and pass rigorous testing requirements before being pushed into live production.  Explore Value Creed’s manual and automated process forCTRM platform and extension/customization testing.

This solution gives you access to delegate time-consuming testing tasks while appreciating the convenience of detailed reports for all testing we perform aligned with QMetry/Jira analysis for repeatability and precision. 

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Business Process Outsourcing

To win the commodity trading game, companies find it advantageous to focus in-house resources on mission-critical operations and procedures and outsource other functions that add little value. Back-office, system maintenance, archiving, integration, and software update installation are just a few of the routine, yet sometimes complicated and resource-intensive activities business process outsourcing (BPO) processes address. 

Whether you need short-term BPO to catch up on backlogs or new workflows, Value Creed can develop CTRM specific solutions for common business challenges like:


Cash Flow

Faster invoicing means faster payment


We automate nomination procedures and match invoices to volumes


silo-spanning coordination between data sources and downstream platforms

Risk Management

Monitoring, assessment, reporting, and mitigation

Explore Key Solutions to Ensure CTRM Journey Success

Learn how CTRM users worldwide engage Value Creed to support these digital forward executive demands.





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