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How a Global Multi-Energy Company Saved Time and Money with Expertise on Demand from Value Creed

The Main Challenge

A global multi-energy company was struggling with accurate transport utilization reports and credit exposure calculations. These issues were ultimately causing the business to lose more than one million dollars every month. Our team of experts implemented new functionalities into the client’s existing CTRM software and created custom enhancements to improve business processes, as well as save time and money.



Accurate Reporting

with valuable insights that is automatically generated at the end of each business day


that accounts for both structured and unstructured details, and variations in peak volume

Dependable Forecasting

thanks to reliable information about transports, consumption peaks and credit exposure

CTRM Expertise on Demand


  • Our team set up an automatic transport utilization report that is generated every day.
  • This report identifies gas capacity overages and, in turn, reduces the one-million-dollar-per-month losses the client was previously experiencing.
  • Logic

  • Our team added built-in logic to handle structured and unstructured details, and variations in scheduled gas deals.
  • We also accounted for variables related to transports and credit exposure.
  • Forecasting

  • Our team enhanced the credit functionalities of the CTRM to account for one-off deals and credit exposures.
  • This bolsters dependable forecasting, plus saves time and money.
  • Value Creed Services Mobilized:

    Expertise On Demand

    Our team is made up of industry-leading CTRM software experts with decades of combined experience and knowledge. We’re dedicated to CTRM technology and our expertise is delivered on-demand so that you only receive the services you need, when you need them.

    CTRM Solution Upgrades

    Upgrading your CTRM affects your front, middle and back-office operations in many positive ways. Act now to eliminate older technology, manual data entry and risk. Our experts are there every step of the way to ensure an outcome that is functionally and technically sound.

    Key Takeaways

    Our Expertise on Demand team worked alongside the client’s internal team to improve business processes and streamline reporting, which ultimately saved time and money. Now the company is able to rely on more accurate reporting and credit exposure calculations to make better informed business decisions.

    Driving Your Business Forward

    Our experts comprise a well-rounded team with experience in every phase of the commodity lifecycle and all aspects of the technology that supports them.

    Superior CTRM Expertise

    As our client, we ensure your team is focused on learning and is one touch away from the expertise they need.

    A Variety of Talent

    For the best CTRM solution, you need top talent from various disciplines. Trust us to accelerate value while lowering overhead costs.

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