G2X Leverages Value Creed’s CTRM Expertise On Demand To Break Their Business Process Bottleneck

The Challenge

G2X Energy is a privately-owned company based in Houston, Texas that develops, owns, and operates production facilities that convert natural gas to methanol. While sophisticated and vertically integrated globally, G2X is also a relatively small shop; efficient use of available resources is critical to their continued success.

G2X’s incumbent CTRM configuration did not integrate with many of its other business-critical processes required for transaction reconciliation. The company had installed several service extensions and modules that enabled the team to perform the necessary calculations and reporting, but the workarounds necessitated an inefficient divergence from established workflows. This resulted in sub-optimal performance, excessive manual interventions and repetitive processes, and strained resources that created bottlenecks on key business days. Month-end account reconciliations took much longer than necessary, risked data-entry errors, and incurred significant overtime costs.

Key Results

Overtime costs reduced, as the new platform automated data entry.


Employee morale and work/life balance improved with less stressful reconciliations.

G2X’s IT staff now focuses on value-adding tasks while Value Creed monitors and manages the company’s CTRM application 24/7/365.

Advanced data streaming creates a wide range of workflow control options establishing greater flexibility and efficiency.

Value Creed Solutions

Advanced analytics and problem solving

Value Creed built and integrated a new decision engine that incorporates G2X’s business process rules and delivers customized calculations and sophisticated analytics. The more comprehensive and current view of the company’s position engenders better decisions.

Automatic data import and entry

Value Creed implemented a process for collecting purchase, sales, inventory, and other vital information from various sources and flowing it into downstream accounting, finance, and other business-process platforms. Automation reduced errors and expedited reconciliation and reporting.

Flexible and scalable workflow

Value Creed integrated data sources and business process platforms with G2X’s new CTRM platform, expanding the company’s capabilities and giving the team more options regarding how it performs critical business tasks. This flexibility ensures G2X CTRM functionality will grow with the business while making data, reports, and insights accessible to decision makers.

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