A Power Cooperative Benefits from Value Creed’s Software Selection Service

Performance Challenge

The zenith of a company’s CBOL’s journey converges with a pivotal juncture during the software selection phase. This crucial phase aligns seamlessly with our Advisory Services, where our expertise in commodity trading, risk management, and technology come to bear in performing the upfront planning & due diligence to establish a solid foundation. This fusion empowers us to guide enterprises in selecting software solutions that perfectly match their strategic goals. 

In this context, a renowned Power Trading Company wanted to improve the system performance while ensuring accurate accounting and reporting. The Customer’s goal was to evaluate various software options and select a consolidated solution with robust CTRM capabilities that was better aligned with their evolved trading needs & technology capabilities. Following Value Creed’s analysis & recommendations, the power trading company chose a suitable software over incorporating new applications. This decision aimed to prioritize reliability and peak performance while achieving their operational aspirations. The case study encapsulates how prudent software selection can significantly impact a company’s journey toward excellence.


Alignment with Strategic Objectives

Comprehensive Fit/Gap Analysis

Expected Costs & Benefits

Software Selection

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Software Selection

Our comprehensive Software Selection process ensures a complete study of the business operations. Workshops help us to understand the key requirements of business operations to design a process map and conduct a gap analysis. Since our team is formed of industry-experienced personnel, we’re able to understand the future requirements and needs of the business which plays a key role in software selection service


CBOLis a proprietary framework designed to assist trading companies realize their strategic objectives throughout the evolution of their trading operations. This encompassing framework addresses specific needs at each stage, including future state design, software evaluation, implementation, and process optimization.

Key Takeaways

Our comprehensive software solution engaged stakeholders through surveys and workshops to unearth trading strategies and operational challenges. This process led to an all-encompassing evaluation of available software, assessing alignment with current and future business needs across factors like usability, cost, implementation, extensibility, and integration. Strategic alignment took precedence to future-proof investments and ensure adaptability.

To mitigate implementation risks, a Project Charter, Governance Model, and safeguards were instituted. A holistic Total Cost of Ownership model evaluated software options, managing costs during implementation to achieve anticipated benefits. This approach effectively bridged CBOL’s vision with execution, underscoring technology’s pivotal role in operational excellence.

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