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Why Value Creed’s Run Smart Managed Services for CTRM is Your Power Play

The Obstacle:

The CTRM Conundrum: The Good, the Bad, and the Potentially Unprofitable

CTRM is powerful, function-rich, and offers a robust solution to the needs of ETRM/CTRM
business operations – yet there are common challenges every team faces.

  1. The application’s deep-dive capabilities make it a complex tool to use effectively,
    requiring knowledgeable, dedicated expertise.
  2. This expertise is concentrated in the hands of a few experts worldwide.
  3. Managed services from a large consulting firm may prove far too costly, and those
    services are often facilitated by a junior team, rather than the senior consultants you
    may require.
  4. Experienced in-house CTRM teams may manage day-to-day operations well, but
    may not be equipped to keep pace with the demands of your changing business needs.

Given that, what can be done to simultaneously ensure your business has the technical
expertise it needs, that it’s not seeking a solution that’s out of scope, and that it retains the cutting edge to set your business up for both short and long-term growth?

The answer is a surprisingly simple one, which stems not from a business-as-usual approach,
but one that leverages all of your business’ CTRM platforms’ strengths in your favor. A new approach to managed services we call Run Smart® for CTRM.

The Solve:

Why Value Creed Gives You The Power of a New Approach

The Value Creed Run Smart® approach brings to bear senior, experienced, and innovative
CTRM problem-solvers. We offer made-to-order teams for each individual project and hire
only the brightest, most superior experts to provide on-demand support to our customers. But
we don’t stop there. We continuously train our experts to update their skills.

With this always on, always learning, always innovating approach, you get flexible and powerful
CTRM expertise on demand. Run Smart® is based on the philosophy of pairing on-shore and off-shore resources for 24/7/365 monitoring. For specialized project deployments like
upgrading your CTRM, we design “tiger teams” made up of top CTRM experts,
embracing a wide diversity of skills and disciplines. These elite consultants and engineers
tackle your most difficult problems with a combination of superior technical skills and functional,
problem-solving talent, all with a contract that’s both easy to manage and afford. They’re there
when you need them, and gone when you don’t. No bloated project teams, no stale statements
of work, just talent on your terms.

That’s because power is in the way we play. We know the last thing you want to pay for is a
“learning curve.” With Value Creed, you don’t pay for “ramp up” time. Instead, you get an
expert, or a team of experts, who are able to get in and accelerate your path to business value.

More Than Consultants, We’re On-Demand CTRM Experts Focused on Teamwork

Value Creed is the “Navy Seals” of CTRM consulting. We’ve crafted a culture that attracts
some of the best CTRM talent in the world, tenured CTRM consultants well versed in “what
may happen if” with upgrades to your CTRM, as well as, day-to-day optimizations
capable of leveraging CTRM best practices. To that end, our team is dedicated to translating
the pulse of the industry into actionable outcomes for energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and
agricultural operations worldwide.

When you partner with us, you can be assured that we bring the following to the table:

Experience — Our team is comprised of qualified and talented CTRM professionals with a wide range of backgrounds. Examples of our expertise include:

  • Veteran trading, credit, logistics, risk, and accounting professionals
  • Deep technical competency in CTRM internals
  • Unique combination of technical and functional skills
  • Proven — with reliable client references — at solving the hardest industry problems

Speed — We know time is a factor and your needs are urgent, so our team is ready to hit the
ground running, using our depth of knowledge to move quickly to solve even the most difficult

CTRM in the Cloud – Whether you are in the cloud or you want to go there, our managed
service CTRM in the Cloud experts are the go-to resource. We ensure your instance is
optimized for the cloud, your hosting configuration is cost-effective, and fluctuating system
demands are seamlessly met by the cloud.

Commitment — We aren’t simply about offering advice and recommendations, but our success hinges on seeing your project through and getting real, measurable, and sustainable results to help you succeed today, tomorrow, and in the future.

About Value Creed
Founded in 2016, Value Creed brings a new model exclusively to the CTRM Ecosystem. With a focus on improving the effectiveness of CTRM customers in the run and operate phase, Value Creed’s expert-driven Managed Services provides CTRM customers with the expertise to get the most from their system, securely and rapidly move to the cloud and engage with experts to accomplish the support and enhancements that will truly help them achieve their business goals and vision with CTRM. Value is our mantra and promise. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled value to our clients. Our team of experts leverages their deep energy industry and unparalleled CTRM technical experience to deliver a set of managed services and solutions that improve your return from the CTRM system, improve your users’ experience, and deliver greater value to your organization. Run Smart™, only with Value Creed.

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