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3 Ways Value Creed Is In Your Corner: Reason #3

Dual Time Zone Monitoring: Problems Solved Overnight

When your trading day ends, you need to recharge and prepare for another hectic session tomorrow. The last thing you need is to deal with end-of-day processes that fail to initiate. An even worse scenario occurs when your day ends normally but you return the next day to find an empty space on your desk where last night’s EOD reports are supposed to be. How can your company operation without knowing your present exposures, valuation, P&L statement, or mark-to-market position?

The simple but infuriating answer is, you can’t. Not without exposing your firm to undue risk. Your only option may be to wait until last night’s reports can be rerun, missing out on profit opportunities all the while.

Preparing for the Reporting Run

As a Value Creed client, you can rest easy. Just as our U.S.-based team manages your company’s CTRM infrastructure during the day, our overseas team’s day begins when yours ends. Our lead consultant in India starts by preparing the system for EOD reporting:

  • Resolving any issues captured by the grid logs
  • Clearing the grid queues
  • Completing grid schedules and other preliminary processes
  • Verifying the system contains current prices and data needed for the reports

Running the Reports

Our team continues to monitor the entire EOD reporting regimen, so if an anomaly occurs, our technicians can resolve it before it delays the next day’s trading. Team India handles any new grid logs generated during the reporting run, in the vast majority of cases resolving overnight so the overnight reports contain clean, accurate, complete information.

In a few cases, a grid log created during an EOD run will show the system is unable to calibrate a valuation or is missing a price or other data needed to complete a report. Without Value Creed’s Dual-Time-Zone crew on the job, this might lead to a complete shutdown until the next morning when your team arrives. With a Value Creed managed services contract, your employees will never face the prospect of an hours-long rerun report rerun first thing in the morning. Instead, our experts in India will discover the trouble, fetch the missing positions, and re-initiate the reports so they are complete well before the opening bell.

See The Timeline for These Critical Reports

Wondering what this process looks like for your organization and how we support you 24/7/365 by task type and phase? We’ll show you – fill out this request below.

Reporting the Runs

Finally, once the reports are completed and all issues resolved, Value Creed consultants present you a daily docket that includes interval screenshots of our monitoring activities. The report may contain technical, performance, and custom data, as contracted:

  •  Process Management
  •  Grid Schedule 
  • Log Management
  • Server Management
  • Creation and Revision Time
  • Report Status (Successes, Failures, Remediation Progress, etc.)
  • Price Comparisons
  • Exposure Reporting
  • Mark-to-Mark Reports

Let’s discuss how our transparent, accountable, overnight project management team ensures you’re never left in the dark and always have the reports you need to make informed trading decisions.

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