Value Creed Family Day 2021 – Adventure and Fun to Remember

The Idea Behind Family Day

We often wonder what could be the driving force behind the employee’s hard work and dedication towards the organization? Is it the work environment, or the compensation, or the opportunities? Of course, all of it is true, but the most crucial factor is the support and happiness of the family members, which motivates the employee to keep doing better.

Our employees are our biggest asset, and their happiness is our priority. Organizing a family day trip for our team is one of the ways to show that we care and value their relationships.

The Experience

We aimed to provide an unforgettable experience to our team and their family members. Therefore, we chose the Cedar Cove Ranch & Resort as our venue so that our team can have a truly relaxing and peaceful experience with their loved ones.

The luxurious cottages surrounded by the lake had the most amazing views and the freshest air! It was beautiful to see everyone smiling with a ray of sunshine on their delighted faces.

Team Activities

The whole team had the most fantastic time of their lives as they enjoyed the unique experiences of the trip. The team participated in various fun activities like:

      • Fishing
      • Kayaking
      • Clay Shooting
      • Archery
      • UTV Rides

The most popular amongst these was the tube rides, which was loved by all!

Relax and Socialize

There was a beautiful arrangement near the lake to sit and relax during the meals and the social hours. Organizing this trip was a huge success as it gave us a chance to create new memories for our team and their families. It was evident that the kids enjoyed the most, as they indulged in the surroundings and did not even bother about checking their phones! It gave us immense pleasure to see our people having the time of their lives and the break that they deserved!

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