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CTRM Robotic Process Automation for Producer Operations

Common Producer Operations Bottlenecks - How To Compete

You only make money when you sell your product to a broker, refinery, or manufacturer. Doesn’t it make sense for your traders and marketers to focus on these activities. Spending time entering data into CTRM platforms and updating spreadsheets leads to incomplete information.

Robotic process automation (RPA) gives front, middle, and back office workers the time to analyze and evaluate market and position data rather than generating and recording it.

Manual Data Processes Creates More Questions Than Answers

Robotic Process Automation Optimizes Producer Operations

Value Creed harnesses RPA to perform routine, repetitive tasks automatically so data gets where it needs to be, without errors, and without manual input that detracts from more valuable activities. Expedited dataflow and instant availability makes downstream applications more efficient and decisions more informed.

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Updating pricing and leases on contracts with 100s of leases
Inputing 1,000s of receipt tickets
Validating 1,000s of receipt tickets
Validating counterparty statements
Settling & Invoicing transactions for 1,000s of wells

3 Ways Robotic Process Automation Accelerates Common Workflows

Product Tracking

Automatically matching receipt and delivery tickets and scheduling transportation for hundreds of transactions per day the instant they are presented and recording them errorlessly without the need for human intervention.

Payment Processing

Scanning of bills of lading to extract data, record it in the CTRM platform and daily logs, link the delivery to the corresponding inventory and order, apply the proper terms and prices, generate the invoice, and record payment.

Contract Management

Review, data extraction, and automatic form population from a variety of document styles and formats, including .pdf, email text, hard copies, scanned images, and electronic downloads.

How Robotic Process Automation for Invoice Reconciliation Works

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Value Creed has established the processes and assembled the experts who can build the RPA management system that suits your organization and business model. Our team will engineer a program that delivers institutional control, operational excellence, and replicable profitability.

Our Process for Identifying RPA Opportunities in CTRM

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