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CTRM Robotic Process Automation for Natural Gas Marketing

Manual Administrative Processes are Slowing You Down

Slow data and manual processes obscure the data your natural gas enterprise needs to maximize revenues and optimize strategy. Time your traders and schedulers spend entering, transferring, and massaging data is time they cannot devote to locking in profits, mitigating risks, and generating insights. These business processes cause distinct time wasters native to your business.  Here are three common examples.

3 Business Process Bottlenecks Slowing Down Natural Gas Productivity

 This makes it difficult to locate the data that answers key business questions.   

Key Robotic Process Automation Opportunities for Natural Gas

Value Creed applies their specialized CTRM expertise to translate these and other business process bottlenecks into accelerated workflows by leveraging robotic process automation.  This approach allows your business to continue without disruption and increase productivity by taking manual, human-centric processes and streamlining them by using “bots” to perform defined, repetitive tasks.

Natural Gas Business Processes Have Multiple Uses for Robotic Process Automation

Updating pricing and reconciliation
Enter volumes into EBB
Scheduling trades and tracking daily volumes
Cash-out or roll imbalances
Validate scheduling trades
Settling and invoicing
Import & Process schedules from systems & spreadsheets
Automate price uploads
Reconcile external statements to CTRM
Automate credit execption reporting

Ways Robotic Process Automation Accelerates Business Processes​

Supercharge Trade Logistics

RPA alleviates monotonous and potentially costly manual activities by combining the communications, documentation, and reporting process into a single, computerized operations.

Streamline Gas Scheduling

RPA can enter data into all destinations – the CTRM platform, EBB, and spreadsheet – simultaneously, giving all applications and stakeholders the same accurate, current insight into the organization’s positions.

Expedite Actualization and Invoicing

RPA macros can update pipeline route fees and contract terms to ensure the expected, quoted, and invoiced rates match. This is especially helpful in a natural gas environment where the product must be moved among multiple locations, at various rates.

How Robotic Process Automation for Invoice Reconciliation Works

This video shows how automating common business processes accelerates workflow
and improves accuracy

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How to Get Started with Robotic Process Automation

Value Creed’s robotic process automation services streamline business processes, alleviate major data entry bottlenecks, and reduce the time humans spend on low-level, repetitive tasks.

CTRM Process for Identifying RPA Opportunities

You know RPA is not a new concept, it is just now truly useful to CTRM/ETRM business leaders and IT teams.  The use of this advanced technology helps by  expediting complex CTRM business processes, while relieving associated data integrity risks.

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