5 Reasons for Choosing Run Smart™ CTRM Managed Services

#1 Overcoming Data Integration Breakdowns For Seamless Daily Starts

Every CTRM/ETRM platform is responsible for aggregating prices, tracking positions, and creating reports for decision-making.  But spending half a day or more searching over potentially failed processes like:

Value Creed helps you leverage the expertise of our team and the one-on-one personalized account management and troubleshooting led by leading CTRM platform experts with over ten years of experience. We’ll show you how you can resolve common run operate challenges before they happen.

#2 How To Proactively Overcome Reporting Integration Failure for CTRM Platforms

Value Creed’s Run Smart CTRM Managed Services runs in conjunction with your reporting system to ensure your pricing, credit, risk, and other reports are complete and accurate so have the most complete information for basing your positioning decisions in the format you need and commodity managers can use.


#3: Cloud & Database Monitoring & Maintenance

With our Cloud & Database Managed services the CTRM platforms perform at 99% uptime, delivering reliability for your team and lower overall cost of ownership over the long-term. 

Whether your CTRM is hosted on-prem or in the cloud, our Managed Services team ensures availability and fine tunes your environment to improve performance.

#4 What Do I Do about “Crazy Crude Prices:” Be Prepared for the Unexpected

The unprecedented demand-killing consequences of COVID-19 and abnormal behavior from market participants under stress show that markets for any commodity are subject to extreme and unexpected volatility.

Value Creed’s Run Smart™ Managed Services include dual timezone coverage, so there is always someone monitoring your data inputs.

No matter what time of day or night the crazy data rears its ugly head, a Value Creed CTRM/ETRM platform expert will immediately begin reconciling it and rectifying any errors it causes.

Value Creed has automated the process of searching for and isolating outliers as they occur. By isolating the cause of errors in real time, we empower data users to begin remediating them right away.

#5: Keeping Value At Risk (VaR) Reports On Track

Value at risk (VaR) is one of the most useful risk calculations, as it allows for a consistent analysis of positions and price movements for a given portfolio across time.

Value Creed’s integrated CRTM managed service platform, Run Smart™, is easily customizable to any business model. 


Run Smart™ interfaces with downstream reporting software and upstream transaction-reporting and data sources. Its reporting capabilities capture, collect, and present real-time market updates, physical stores and portfolio positions.

 Every night, Run Smart™ evaluates the calculated VaR for the portfolio or selected segment with the confidence interval, loss limit, and timeframe established by the user.

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