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Value Creed’s Stratospheric Growth Continues

Over Doubling the Team Size, Hundreds of Tickets and Users Supported - Value Creed Leads the Way with Innovation

Launching this year with recent office expansions into Houston and Bengaluru, the firm’s accelerated growth reflects the commodity trading and risk management industry’s affirmation of the company’s innovative around-the-clock managed services, upgrade solutions and nine other solutions powered by expert CTRM professionals and platform experts. 


New Services, New Opportunities

Value Creed has responded to growing demand for integrated trade data optimization, workflow optimization, and on-demand specialized CTRM platform expertise by developing a comprehensive suite of integrated services. The company has more than doubled its solutions over the last year  to help RightAngle and Allegro users capture ultimate value from their systems. New services include DevOps integration, business process outsourcing, robotic process automation, and more.

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Responding to Complex CTRM Challenges

Of course, delivering the creative, strategic, results-focused results Value Creed is known for has necessitated a corresponding increase in our technical and engineering capacity. In more than doubling its workforce over the last year, Value Creed has secured the expertise and specialized skills needed to build integrated, automated, reliable workflows its customers need to compete in the dynamic CTRM industry.

Value Creed delivers tangible customer value, routinely closing more than 1,500 services tickets annually and generating 50 percent overall return on investment to its clients.

“Value Creed is committed to continued improvement and expansion of our facilities, service offerings, and breadth of expertise to ensure our clients maintain the competitive advantages they need to flourish in an increasingly complex CTRM industry environment."

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