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We Keep it Quick & Flexible!

Value Creed ensures premium services to its clients and partners and believes in building a trustworthy and efficient team. Keeping that in mind we offer a quick, challenging, and transparent hiring process that keeps the candidates involved in the entire process. Value Creed has been awarded as the Future Ready Organization 2022-2023 by Economic Times HR World which talks about having a flexible work environment and various growth opportunities.

We Recongnize You!

We’re a flexible company and we recognize the candidates as who they are and not just a resource for the company. The best part of our hiring process is that our management is highly involved, enabling us to recognize talent from the first interaction. We consider that a candidate’s time is equally important to us as our time, hence based on the candidate’s situation we mold the hiring process that helps both, us, and the candidate to make an informed decision. We try our best to bring out the capabilities of our candidates by exposing them to a 360-degree career path.

Three Value Creed team members share why the Value Creed’s hiring process stood out

They trust that Value Creed will teach them the processes, technical nuances, and functional insights they need to deliver the best results in the growing energy sector. We understand and acknowledge each candidate’s strengths and guide them to excel, which makes our hiring process unique.  

Anjali joined us through her campus placement program as an Associate Consultant in January

When we were through the process with Anjali, it was not about the work experience for us, it was the zeal to learn new things and work hard. She says- ‘The recruitment process, as much as the company itself, convinced me to join Value Creed. Value Creed’s office environment and vibe beams of excitement and knowledge. I could tell from the interviews that Value Creed will become much more than an employer to me’

Shreekanth joined the firm to further his career development and diversify his exposure to new skills

The time when Shreekanth joined was a very difficult period for the entire nation due to the pandemic lockdown. Acknowledging the circumstances we ensured that the entire process was transparent and quick. He says – ‘Value Creed streamlined the process, initiating a call promptly after receiving my resume. I had my interview session the next day. It was very fast. You know right away where you stand. It’s a transparent procedure, and you find out right away if you have made the team’

Raunak joined us as a Principal Consultant with thirteen years of work experience from a much larger organization

During the process, we sensed that Raunak was worried about his job security but we built a reputation for reliability and honesty. This gave him a boost and exposed him to learning and developing his skills further. He says – The whole process took only a few days to get recruited. It was a very smooth hiring process and onboarding procedure. I was familiar with Value Creed and knew about from the buzz they created in the CTRM space, but it was a big transition and a difficult decision as a family person to leave the job security I had for a position with a start-up. Value Creed made it easy’

Join Value Creed and Start Making a Difference

We believe each candidate brings a unique skill set. We look for people who are ready to LearnSmart with us. We work on our team member’s overall development, and we have inculcated programs to accelerate our entire team’s career paths at different stages. Not just professionally but we also promote an individual’s well-being and believe in having a work-life balance with various initiatives under our umbrella like VC Fit, VC GoHome, VC Eats, and VC Care

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