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Value Creed’s LearnSmart Career Accelerator Program Puts CTRM Leaders On the Fast Track

Intensive Hands-on and Mentor-based Training Positions Team Members for Success​

Value Creed has unveiled an industry-leading training program in its Hyderabad office that places promising team members and early-career executives on the inside track for career development and empowers them for growth into CTRM superstardom. The LearnSmart Career Accelerator Program, which will enroll its first cohort later this month, educates trainees on the most sophisticated platforms in the industry:

Dimensions of Career Development

Fast Tracked
Career Acceleration

Hands On Energy Technology Training

Mentor-Led 360
Degree Development

Fast Tracked Career Acceleration

Students will learn cutting-edge skills that will keep them marketable throughout their careers. Unprecedented in the industry, LearnSmart prepares teammates to quickly absorb Value Creed’s best practices in solution development, platform administration, and customer service. LearnSmart incorporates three teaching tracks, each reinforcing the lessons students learn.

Hands-On Technology Training

Senior Value Creed engineers train students to gain command of the leading CTRM software. This high-demand knowledge forms the foundation of LearnSmart graduates’ continued career development. Mastery of these niche skills within their first year at Value Creed puts them on par with peers who have been working at other companies for three to four years. That translates to tangible additional returns on educational investment and a head start in salary progression, responsibilities, and career advancement. Not only will they possess the background to apply technical and industry insights, but they will also gain the confidence to assume leadership roles to create a greener, more energy-efficient world.

Mentor-Led 360 Degree Development

Technical and platform functionality skills are critical for career advancement in the CTRM industry. To develop their careers at Value Creed, however, team members must also understand and adhere to our meticulous business practices. Students learn to do things the right way – the Value Creed way – through live, in-person discussions and one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced professionals in our office. LearnSmart Career Accelerator Program teams develop and follow through with the trade’s entire project lifecycle in mock-trial training:

Soft Skills for Well-Rounded Professionalism

Technical team members conduct sessions with newer workers until they become fully proficient at the necessary tasks and apply theory to implementation while executives mentor management-level contributors on business and “soft” skills:

Real Projects; Real Results

Much like a graduate-level course, cohorts in the LearnSmart Career Accelerator Program will complete a “final exam” project, working side-by-side with seasoned Value Creed professionals to build solutions and respond to real-life client needs. With mentor supervision, students will draft project specifications, apply the lessons they have learned, and absorb the workings of the energy and commodities industries’ business processes. They will make decisions and implement the strongest option for each client’s specific requirements.x

Recognition and Anticipation

Team members who complete the course will receive a handsome NFT “diploma” certifying their readiness to apply their level 1 and level 2 technical and functional abilities, analytical thinking skills, and all-around professional and personal development real-world projects and client services. Graduates are treated to an extravagant ceremony in celebration of their amazing accomplishments, elevated status, and the beginnings of a lucrative, rewarding career at Value Creed.

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