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Value Creed Promotes Active Lifestyle through VC Fit


Fitness is Fun, Let's Pass it On

Value Creed promotes its employees to have a positive outlook in their work and life as well. As having a healthy work-life balance is essential we encourage our employees to have an access to facilities and programs that can help them become physically active. Prioritizing overall well-being in our culture we view Value Creed as a healthy and high-performing organization.

We make your Fitness a Priority

With initiatives like VC Walkathon, and VC Cricket club, Badminton is our next stop for promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing team spirit in our employees. We look for opportunities that can enable our employees to have a gateway for all sorts of activities where they can indulge in relaxing and form bonds with each other. This way we look forward to enhancing trust, pride, and camaraderie in the workplace and creating a great workplace for our employees.

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