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Value Creed Launches the First LearnSmart Cohort of 2022

Thirteen New Team Members Launch Their Careers in Energy Technology Innovation

A cohort of bright, energetic, and ambitious Value Creed team members has taken the next critical step in their mission to lead the next generation of energy allstars. As the inaugural class in Value Creed’s comprehensive LearnSmart career development program, the 13 aspiring individuals are in pursuit of their dreams to develop the advanced skills, industry knowledge, and software expertise that will put them on the fast track to the top of their profession.

Spring Cohort Success Powered by LearnSmart’s Commitment to Mentorship

Young professionals interested in developing their careers recognize Value Creed as a leader in energy sector solutions, managed services, and a host of other business solution implementations. They strive to become part of the LearnSmart program, knowing the company’s executive mentorship and the value it places on employees will lead them to unparalleled rewards:

Dimensions of Career Development

Fast Tracked
Career Acceleration

Hands On Energy Technology Training

Mentor-Led 360
Degree Development

Advanced Energy Technology Education and Mentor-Based Lessons

It does not take new Value Creed team members long to become convinced they are in the right place. The insights LearnSmart team members receive are applicable throughout the IT universe, allowing students to quickly grasp the purpose and function of the CTRM projects they encounter. They benefit from all the assets Value Creed brings to bear to help them become well-rounded contributors both in their jobs and in society:

Innovative Spirit Fuels Mentor-Based LearnSmart Career Pathways

Value Creed’s continuous aggressive recruitment efforts – we have doubled the size of our team over the last year – are fueled by explosive growth and demand for our business operations and mission-critical optimizations. Clients value our industry expertise and ability to transfer this knowledge to new associates as they learn to manage and optimize clients’ workflow by applying sophisticated business tools:

LearnSmart’s Excellent Reputation with Top Universities

India’s leading higher education institutions know that Value Creed represents a desirable landing spot for their graduates. Many invite the company to conduct direct recruiting on their campuses in their desire to place alumni with prestigious multinational companies. The best and the brightest want to work here, and these promising candidates do not all come directly from universities. Value Creed also welcomes applications from experienced managers and problem-solvers in all fields. All newly hired team members, as well as established employees, are eligible for enrollment in LearnSmart.

Ready To Take Your Career To The Next Level?

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