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Value Creed Expands to Europe with the Opening of its London Office


Expanding our Reach: Introducing Our Newest Location in Europe!

We are excited to announce that Value Creed is expanding its reach to Europe by inaugurating its new office in London. As a company focused on delivering exceptional support services, particularly in the energy sector, this expansion marks a significant milestone in our journey. Our success thus far can be attributed to our unique business model, which combines the expertise of our IT and energy practitioners with positive feedback from our satisfied clients. With offices already established in the USA, India, and Canada, we are thrilled to establish a strong presence in Europe, starting with our new office in London. This expansion enables us to meet the increasing demands of our European clientele more efficiently, while upholding our commitment to excellence in service delivery. 

During a recent interview, Priyankar Datta, Managing Director of Value Creed, shed light on one of our most intriguing initiatives—the LearnSmart program. This comprehensive on-the-job training experience provides our staff with mentoring, skill development, leadership training, and more. We have extended this program to several colleges, including four in India and two in Dallas. Through these partnerships, we establish research labs where students gain practical knowledge of CTRM software and collaborate with us. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to intern with Value Creed, potentially leading to full-time employment. This approach not only allows us to contribute to the community but also helps us attract highly talented individuals. As we embark on our expansion into London, our next objective is to identify a local college with which we can engage in a similar manner. This approach has proven immensely successful, yielding exceptional results.

To explore our wide range of services and find additional resources about this interview, please visit the CTRM Center website. 

We eagerly anticipate serving more satisfied clients and achieving further growth and delivering services to clients globally

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