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Value Creed Drives System Enhancement for A Global Commodity Merchant through Data Transformation Service

Performance Challenge

A global commodity merchant who trades in a wide variety of financial and physical markets was facing issues with data integration. Resorting to triage mode caused operational delays in delivery times, increased the uncertainty on data feeds, and overwhelmed the user support team. To address these challenges Value Creed recommended the client to undergo a data transformation service that would streamline their data across trades in various markets and have an organized data feed with a highly responsive user support team.


Overall System Enhancement

Strengthened Security & Risk Management Capabilities

Improved Functionality & Usability

Data Transformation

Given the client’s situation and the urgency to address the issues, Value Creed proposed a comprehensive approach that encompassed multiple business process upgrades. These upgrades included enhancing the electronic interface with the natural gas pipeline, implementing custom P&L attribution, and collaborating with the vendor to resolve valuation bugs.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Data Transformation

Data Transformation

With Value Creed’s Data Transformation service, you can effectively harness the power of your data assets, enhance decision-making, optimize operational efficiency, and fuel business growth. Our proficiency in custom P&L attributions, risk management, and business process upgrades enables us to provide holistic solutions that address all your challenges.

Key Takeaways

Value Creed effectively resolved the client’s data integration challenges by implementing a data transformation solution for their ETRM system. This implementation significantly improved functionality, user experience, data security, and risk analysis. It provided valuable insights into the client’s profit and loss risk factors. Furthermore, this solution enabled the client to transition from a state of triage to a more stable operational mode, characterized by predictable process delivery times, an organized data feed, and responsive user support.

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