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Top Considerations Of Migrating CTRM Platforms To The Cloud

Why Move to the Cloud?

Modern CTRM database management demands flexibility in scaling, fast data processing, and cost efficiency. Cloud-native solutions can provide these benefits with more power, more storage, and lower costs.  

Advantages of Migrating CTRM Software from On-Premise to the Cloud

Moving your existing CTRM software to the cloud brings several key advantages over remaining on-premise. 

On-Premise To Cloud Migration


Faster Deployments

Bug fixes and new functionalities are provided automatically by Value Creed’s experts.

Less IT Resources Demand

Your in-house teams no longer have to allocate resources to on-premise CTRM management.

Low Implementation Costs

Value Creed’s experienced consultants work effectively with every budget and platform for efficient implementations.

Savings On Licensing Fees

No third-party software, hardware, or upfront licensing fees are required to move your CTRM to the cloud.

What To Consider Before Migrating to the Cloud

Retaining Applications

If an existing application provides functional value, is inexpensive to run, and aligns with your company’s technology strategy, it may be worth retaining as is and not moving to the cloud. 

Retiring Applications

Oftentimes, changing business needs result in underutilized and/or unnecessary applications. Consider getting rid of existing applications that aren’t being utilized at a high rate or no longer offer needed capabilities to avoid paying for unused capacity. 

Re-Purchasing or Replacing Applications

If an application can be replaced with a SaaS solution, it can lead to reduced runtime costs. Ultimately, you need to consider the customization, integration, and process options before making that call. 

Re-Hosting Applications

Moving functionality to a cloud-native solution means switching to a pay-as-you-go plan. Simply shifting applications to the cloud as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) when they’re not optimized for it can be cost prohibitive, running 24 hours a day at peak load. Assess whether the application be consumed on a subscription basis or outsourced to reduce load on your cloud infrastructure.

Re-Factoring Applications

If system performance may be hampered by on-premise infrastructure, determine if an application can be moved to the cloud. Calculate the impact on capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX), as well as long-term and day-to-day costs. Consider whether you’ll be adding new products, geographies, trade types or requiring new reports. Fortunately, cloud infrastructure has little to no upfront capital expenditure. A cloud native solution also allows for elasticity, automatically adjusting to load increases or reduced usage, creating a huge cost management advantage

Re-Platforming Applications

If you can upgrade an application or replace key back-end components to enhance existing infrastructure by employing DevOps, it can result in cost benefits in terms of system runtime and maintenance overhead. Incorporating an infrastructure as code mindset into a cloud environment greatly increases storage and computing capabilities. 

Advantages of SQL Database Conversion and Cloud Migration

SQL delivers cloud-based processing power at a third of Oracle’s database hosting cost for the same hosting capacity. Switching to SQL as part of your digital transformation creates value in several ways, including: 

How Value Creed Helped Major Utility Company Reduce Infrastructure
Costs by 60%

Powerful Outcomes

  • 60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs
  • 99% User Acceptance Test pass rate
  • 2 hour settlement run times reduced to just twenty minutes.
All this, in 11 short months.

Powerful Outcomes

  • 60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs
  • 99% User Acceptance Test pass rate
  • 2 hour settlement run times reduced to just twenty minutes.

All this, in 11 short months.

Leave Cloud Hosting and Monitoring to the Pros

Value Creed’s Run Smart™ CTRM Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance ensures your instance is up and running with a 99% uptime guarantee and more.

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