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The Journey of a Chain of Gasoline Service Stations from Allegro to RightAngle

Performance Challenge

A well-known chain of gasoline service stations with operations across the Southern United States wanted a one-stop solution for its ETRM needs. The company wanted to improve its efficiency by addressing the pain points such as security, risk, speed, and features. Value Creed provided support services for the company and suggested undergoing the software selection process before the implementation of RightAngle to determine the most suitable software according to business requirements. To further address the security & risk concerns, Value Creed provided cloud and managed services.

Client Journey: Allegro to RightAngle


Increased Flexibility with

Cloud-based Infrastructure


Risk Management

Higher Data


One-Stop solution for

Taxing functionalities & Interfaces

Advisory Services

Implementation Services

Cloud Services

RunSmart Managed Services

Value Creed Services Mobilized:


Our team is made of industry-leading CTRM experts who have combined a full lifecycle, function, and technical expertise, to deliver frameworks and guidance around building reliable and scalable commodity trading businesses. 


The implementation services offered by Value Creed will help you in strategizing and executing your workflows according to the business operations to ensure a smooth transition.

Cloud Services

Maximize your competitive advantage with our CTRM Cloud Infrastructure and Monitoring and enjoy cloud benefits like on-demand agility, flexibility with security, and cost savings with Value Creed’s cloud services.

RunSmart Managed Services

Value Creed’s Run Smart service enables the company to enhance its daily business processes and technical readiness through our expert approach. 

Key Takeaways

Value Creed team members were highly involved throughout the journey of the company from the initial implementation and support services of Allegro to moving to RightAngle. Our team designed a roadmap according to the current and future business requirements and executed the implementation of RightAngle. The team further moved the entire infrastructure to the cloud and maintained its operations along with full-time support from our Run Smart Managed Service. This helped the company to reap long-term benefits and optimize its operations to achieve higher security and improved accountability.

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