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Value Creed believes in developing employees for a successful career, not just a single job role.  This philosophy is best illustrated in our one-of-a-kind LearnSmart career development program.  It is designed to accelerate the learnings of every employee daily to empower each person to achieve their highest potential in the fast growing and high-demand field of energy technology solutions. 

In this post, we’ll explore Swati Mohanty’s experience as she shares her journey.

Tell us about your first role at Value Creed.

“I started at Value Creed in January 2022 as an associate consultant and went through an extensive LearnSmart training period for about two months during which I learned most of the industry processes that helped me to accelerate my career at a progressive speed and has been an important part of my progress till today.”

What is your Vision for the Coming Time?

“The LearnSmart training session was very comprehensive as well as fast paced wherein the focus on assessments coupled with the workshops helped me massively to develop a 360 personality.

 I have learned more post my training while working on the projects getting ample exposure with consistent guidance and support from my colleagues and the leadership team.”

How does this role relate to your Career Aspirations?

The projects are based on real life simulations of businesses that made me come full circle in the quest of understanding the ETRM basics, cementing my functional skills and making me client ready.

What are your goals as your career develops?

In my coming years I want to keep learning and adapting which I am certain will enable me to render even better service to Value Creed. I see my career graph approach a higher mark in terms of knowledge and leadership position. 

What do you think of Value Creed’s company culture?

The employee culture is perhaps the most valuable aspect in my tenure here. Ever since I joined, I have had constant and caring support from everyone, especially from my supervisor and the leadership team who put their confidence in me which has driven me to where I am today.

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Value Creed delivers an employee experience that integrates our employee’s full lives. Start your journey today and  experience the best starting from recruitment and hiring, spanning over your career growth and development, workplace experience, and health and wellbeing.

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