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Tailored Solutions for RightAngle’s Unsupported Versions

Is your current RightAngle version holding you back?

Don’t let business and IT constraints become roadblocks on your path to success. Value Creed is here to help with our tailored solutions and additional support.

We understand the challenges you face and offer the expertise to overcome them. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, by not only addressing the immediate concerns but also the underlying issues, enabling sustainable success.

Unlocking Solutions for Unsupported RightAngle Versions

 In the realm of technical problem-solving, there are multiple alternatives to address new business scenarios, current issues, and bugs without resorting to an upgrade.

With increasing operational complexities, businesses recognize the need to have tailored solutions for generating reports such as Hour Lifting Reports and Inventory Reconciliation. While the latest versions may address future requirements for automatcher, order maintenance, and more, upgrading solely for immediate fixes is not an ideal solution. This is where our team’s expertise comes in, delivering flawless transitions between the current and new system processes. 

Introduction of new business scenarios

With a lack of core support for any new business scenarios, implementation of various modules will either be a ‘workaround’ utilizing the current systems in place, or a new customization to be added to the system. Our expertise allows us to understand the current processes and create new functional customizations that can be incorporated seamlessly within the current setup. 

This is a tailored display system aimed at providing our business with real-time updates on the hourly quantity of products being lifted. The solution offers a visual representation of the frequency of outgoing products, empowering our team to grasp the intricacies of demand and supply dynamics. 

A custom solution for automatically handling the BOLs (Movement Documents); through meticulous implementation, the system is designed to possess the capability to identify specific data attributes within BOLs, such as product details, locations, and receipt/delivery deals.

Automating this process aims at assisting users after the month-end account closes, further enabling proactive comparison of the data between ‘Search Inventory Balance’ and ‘Search Inventory Subledger Balance,’ swiftly identifying any discrepancies that necessitate user validation.

Recognizing Future Business Requirements

In many instances, the RightAngle system may not meet the business requirements, necessitating the addition of new custom business rules and custom development. Our team has extensive experience in implementing numerous custom developments to support the business. Here are a few examples:

These modules can include deferred invoices and custom order processing. With the complexity of these items, with scenarios such as needing to actualize individual movement doc line items at separate times/accounting periods, the core logic can find it difficult to accomplish the goals of the business.   

These templates are carefully customized to capture all the essential details needed for each specific trade. For example, to address the complexities of the Rack business, we have designed separate templates for different scenarios, including Rack Day purchase & sale, Rack Contract purchase & sale, Rack posted purchase & sale, and standalone RINs purchase & sale.

Whereas for RINs trades, we have expanded the deal templates by including additional fields that are crucial for our RINs customers. When deals are interfaced and imported from third-party tools into RightAngle, our team has implemented a reliable mechanism to ensure smooth data transfers.


The T4 Interface allows for the seamless import of nominations, schedules, and custody tickets from T4 into RightAngle, simplifying order creation and movement document generation. Custom reports provide details of imported T4 data and highlight any issues.

The developed custom solution for Capturing Physical Inventory Balances for Terminal and Storage locations has the ability to capture the physical inventory balances for their terminal and storage locations.
Furthermore, implementing a custom auto-agree job helps to compare the terminal BOL data with the RightAngle BOL data. If no discrepancies are found, the transaction is marked as agreed on by the recon group.

Our team configures payable matching for different types used by customers, with specific tolerances for each transaction. The Payable Automatcher job applies the matching logic to align vendor files with RightAngle accounting transactions.

To facilitate communication with various counterparties, our custom solution has the functionality to send draft notices via email directly from RightAngle. It also generates a PDF file containing AR invoices for the current day and automatically emails it to the respective counterparties, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Addressing Manual User-hours Issues

The business can incur significant costs in the long run when encountering issues that demand a considerable amount of manual effort or workarounds. It becomes crucial to implement a permanent solution to mitigate these challenges. This is where Value Creed can play a vital role by developing a long-term resolution so the users can be relieved from the complexities of workaround procedures tied to the issue.

A sophisticated custom logic that automates the payable invoice generation identifies and selects accounting transactions that meet specific criteria provided by the business. Our approach streamlines the invoicing workflow, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and enhance overall productivity.

Value Creed offers a custom solution that matches orders effectively and generates order batch names by intelligently trimming them while maintaining uniqueness. This eliminates the need for manual order and order batch creation, mitigating potential issues with the automatcher.

In certain scenarios where users update data on existing deals, the system erroneously terminates the risk associated with those deals on the MTM report, leading to discrepancies in the risk data. To mitigate this issue, our team offers a meticulous data validation process that identifies such cases and flags the records where risk termination has occurred incorrectly. 

Tackle challenges of unsupported RightAngle versions with Value Creed’s Expertise

Harnessing our expertise, we understand the intricacies of your unique environment and curate custom solutions that seamlessly sync with your existing configurations.

With our extensive background in handling diverse versions, we possess the ideal experience to provide customized solutions for RightAngle’s unsupported versions. Our distinctive solutions offer numerous benefits, including enhanced system performance, streamlined inventory management, accelerated invoicing workflows, reduced manual efforts, and optimized cost management. By adopting our custom approach, you can allocate resources more effectively, fostering productivity and facilitating growth.

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