Streamlining Bloomberg Price Integration

Looking to import Bloomberg prices without any human intervention?

Value Creed experts have set up a way for our clients to get real-time price data for European curves from Bloomberg. This data is stored in a Bloomberg application called BPIPE on a different server. We’ve created a link between Horizon and BPIPE using the Bloomberg API, so we can request and bring in the hourly price data as required.  This involves establishing a new product, Euro FTR, within the system and retrieving hourly price data for various European FTR curves from an external Bloomberg application known as BPIPE and integrating this data into Horizon.

Challenge: The Imperative Shift from Manual to Automated Price Retrieval

The existing procedure depends on manual data entry for numerous price rows sourced from Bloomberg. This manual task needs to be repeated daily across various price curves. This retrieval process hampers operational efficiency, risking errors and impeding timely decision-making in financial markets. This inefficiency places the business at a competitive disadvantage, potentially leading to missed opportunities and compromised risk management. Automated price retrieval is crucial for real-time data, reducing delays, and enhancing overall financial health and reputation.

In dynamic markets, competitors utilizing automated price retrieval may gain an edge in executing trades and making well-informed decisions. Additionally, the potential for inaccurate or delayed data introduces an elevated risk of financial losses and regulatory compliance issues.

Automated Price Retrieval for Seamless Financial Operations

With our solution implemented, the system now automatically handles the tasks that users previously spent valuable time inputting manually. This means that the entire process of retrieving and entering the prices from Bloomberg is not only much quicker but also requires minimal manual intervention. This approach shifts manual price retrieval to an automated system providing real-time hourly pricing.

Additionally, various configurations are implemented to ensure the system’s flexibility, allowing it to effortlessly integrate any future additions of new curves without causing disruptions.

Improving the existing process entails enhancing its adaptability to handle varied price curve patterns and decreasing the time needed to import prices into the system, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Here’s an overview of the data flow with Bloomberg integration:

Transformative Solutions: Unleashing Efficiency, Agility, and Risk Mitigation

The solution’s business impacts are substantial. It addresses the challenge of costly, time-consuming, and error-prone data retrieval by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, providing a competitive advantage, mitigating risk, and enabling scalability. The key results of our solution are as follows:

Reduced Licensing Cost

Our solution brings about a substantial reduction in licensing costs by eliminating the need for a separate and costly license to access Bloomberg data through Horizon Price Connect. Through a direct connection to the Bloomberg terminal using an API, our approach bypasses additional licensing requirements, alleviating the financial burden for the organization.

Efficient Data Retrieval

Users can now effortlessly connect to the Bloomberg terminal, directly importing required information into Horizon. This not only saves time but also simplifies the overall complexity of data retrieval, enhancing workflow productivity.

Dynamic Approach

Allowing simultaneous retrieval of prices for different curves, increased flexibility accommodating evolving business needs, and facilitating the integration of new curves or adaptation to market changes. This responsive workflow promotes efficiency and agility in data management.

Competitive Edge

The risk of missed opportunities or financial losses due to delayed or inaccurate data is significant. Our solution enables a competitive advantage by ensuring efficient access to real-time data. This heightened agility in decision-making and trade execution can lead to improved financial outcomes, potentially attracting a broader client base.

Risk Mitigation

Automation plays a crucial role in mitigating the potential errors linked to manual data entry. Precision in data is vital for sound financial decision-making and effective risk management. By reducing the probability of inaccuracies, this solution aids the business in more effectively handling risks and steering clear of costly errors.

Synergize Expertise with Value Creed's Comprehensive Approach

To implement the solution, our team adeptly combined essential services and tasks. Within the Horizon platform, we configured a new product, Euro FTR, automating data retrieval from Bloomberg. Vital Bloomberg integration, executed through the Bloomberg API, facilitated real-time hourly data retrieval. Automation enhanced efficiency, streamlining workflows by integrating hourly prices into Horizon.

This comprehensive approach heightened the effectiveness of our approach along with our team in collaborating with Bloomberg and its applications. The previous success of our project work signifies more than just effective execution; it denotes the acquisition of knowledge and experience and the expansion of capabilities to provide comprehensive services in Bloomberg integration positioning Value Creed as your preferred partner.

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Value Creed's Sponsorship for Trafigura Foundation's Run for the house

Value Creed recently laced up its running shoes to participate in the Trafigura Foundation-organized run supporting Ronald McDonald House Houston. Our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond our business operations, and we were honored to sponsor water stations for the success of this event.

Ronald McDonald House Houston stands as a pillar of compassion, providing a haven for families with seriously ill children in Texas Medical Center institutions. As a key participant in this endeavor, Value Creed is proud to align with the foundation’s mission, offering a home away from home, free of charge.

We are delighted to have assisted the Trafigura Foundation in raising funds and awareness for this significant cause. Value Creed’s commitment extends beyond the run; it is to ensure that every step makes a difference, creating a meaningful impact and fostering positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

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Addressing Credit Risk Complexities

In the fast-paced world of ever-changing commodity and risk management, assessing potential credit risk is paramount for businesses. However, the conventional approach of relying heavily on current-date credit exposure only provides a snapshot of the present; it leaves companies vulnerable to increased credit with potential future defaults. Credit risks are subject to fluctuations influenced by various factors, including economic conditions, changes in borrower creditworthiness, shifts in forward prices, and the gradual accumulation of receivables. These variables introduce a level of uncertainty that current-date analysis alone may not adequately address.

As credit risk is a dynamic and evolving aspect, businesses need to adapt to this changing landscape. To address the shortcomings of the calculation of current-date credit analysis, forward-thinking organizations are turning to advanced tools and strategies, such as Credit Forward Analysis, to proactively manage this risk. 

Evaluating forward analysis for credit exposure is essential for making informed decisions, risk management, and regulatory compliance. As a result, the implementation of Credit Forward Analysis functionality in Horizon is strongly advised.

A Strategic Asset: Forward Analysis

Horizon seamlessly calculates counterparty forward exposures, displaying future exposures monthly. The system factors in the current date and delivers results for the subsequent months. The main function of forward analysis is to predict what the exposure for a position will be in the future. Using the configurations offered in Horizon, the system can perform a comparison between the notional exposure of a position over the mark-to-market value of future trades for each of forward months. These monthly findings enable businesses to anticipate their projected exposure in the months to come.

The functionality serves as a cornerstone in credit risk management, offering an array of benefits for businesses looking to assess creditworthiness and effectively manage their counterparty risk. Let’s delve into the features of a Forward Analysis:

Impact of Expiring Collateral

The feature allows you to simulate credit exposures by changing the expiration date of the collateral, and the users can validate the impact of these changes on future available credit and counterparty exposure.

Analyze Future Exposure

By having the right set of configurations, Horizon looks at the credit status for the position and projects exposure as of a future date based on which the credit status of the position will be on that future date.

Future collateral requirements

Using the forward analysis tool in Horizon, you can calculate the future collateral requirements for the counterparty, which can help you manage your future liquidity.

A Comprehensive Overview of Credit Risk Management with Value Creed

Value Creed possesses the expertise to establish credit risk exposure valuation in Horizon. Utilizing the forward analysis tool involves assigning various statuses to positions. The accompanying flowchart illustrates how users can make informed decisions by examining the different statuses of positions. In Horizon, users can have the below-shown position credit status structure.

The flowchart illustrates Horizon’s process of evaluating the credit status configuration for the position and forecast the exposure as of a future date. Forward analysis is not applicable in the open state. For any position in the delivered state, Horizon will enable projection until the end of the delivery. Additionally, Horizon will compute future predicted margin requirements using the current credit annex setup.

Advantages of Credit Forward Analysis

Credit forward analysis offers a range of benefits, from providing insights into potential future risks to enhancing decision-making processes and credit portfolio management.

Understand the potential risks ahead! Our expertise in setting up forward analysis gives you the power to foresee and evaluate potential credit risks and predict the likelihood of default and potential losses in case it happens.

Make informed choices! With Value Creed’s experience setting up the correct timeframe and forward time horizon, you’ll have the insights to make smarter decisions. Assess the creditworthiness of your partners before extending credit, reducing the risk of dealing with high-risk parties and securing your financial stability.

For companies managing diverse credit portfolios, forward analysis becomes an indispensable tool. It aids in optimizing credit portfolios by helping allocate capital efficiently, diversify holdings, and minimize concentration risk.

Credit forward analysis empowers you to take strategic measures for risk mitigation. This might involve requesting collateral, bank guarantees, or parental guarantees for partners showing higher potential future credit risk, enhancing the overall safety of your credit transactions.

Empowering Financial Stability with Value Creed’s Tailored Solutions

Value Creed stands as a trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of credit risk management, offering specialized expertise and services that align seamlessly with Horizon’s forward analysis tool. Our team’s expertise in setting up and utilizing Horizon’s forward analysis tool ensures businesses can navigate the complexities of credit risk, make better decisions, optimize credit portfolios, and incorporate effective risk mitigation strategies. By leveraging the power of forward analysis, businesses can stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment and secure their financial stability.

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Illuminating the Path of Light

Diwali, beyond its traditional festivities, holds a deeper significance – a time for reflection, gratitude, and giving back to society. Recognizing this, Value Creed decided to channel the festive energy into a meaningful venture: a clothing donation camp aimed at benefiting the less fortunate. This heartwarming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative not only brought our employees together but also contributed to the well-being of those in need.

The success of our initiatives lie in the collective efforts of our employees, and our Clothes Donation Camp was no exception. Witnessing a surge of enthusiasm and participation, our employees united to make a difference. Employees from different departments collaborated to organize and promote the drive, creating a sense of camaraderie that extended beyond office walls. From winter wear to everyday essentials, the collection painted a vivid picture of compassion in action. 

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of our Diwali Clothes Donation Camp, gratitude fills our hearts. Through the generosity of our employees we were able to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those less fortunate. As we celebrate the success of this initiative, we look forward to future opportunities to continue our journey of corporate social responsibility, spreading joy and making a positive difference in the world.

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Performance Challenge

In their pursuit of operational enhancement, one of our leading energy clients recognized the need to stay up-to-date with the latest version that would accommodate these new processes while addressing current performance challenges.  This upgrade involved incorporating features such as scheduling, optimized inventory management, and the implementation of new business processes like nominations, scheduling, pathing, conveyance, and book closure. The overarching goal was to optimize system functionality and server performance while ensuring effective data management to streamline their trading activities.


Streamlined Operations

Streamlined workflows
for increased

Extensive Testing

Thorough examination
to ensure robust

Increased Reliability

Established methods and repeatable process for consistent success

Improved Performance

Enhanced system
efficiency and

Without a doubt, one of the most successful projects in my 30-year career was this implementation project, and it could have never happened without Value Creed.

A Systematic Approach to Project Success

Timelines & Phases: The upgrade was completed within a 5-month timeframe, the project comprised cycles of 3-4 weeks each.We applied a systematic three-phase approach: Planning, Execution, and Review and Testing.

Execution Phase: It  involved breaking down the upgrade into manageable cycles, testing interfaces and reports progressively, and engaging the business in each testing cycle.

Database Management: We ensured fresh database versions for each cycle, encompassing migration, conversion, and joint testing with both Value Creed and the client.

Testing Levels: Client sign-off at the end of each cycle was mandatory, and the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase saw the development of end-to-end business scenarios with expected test results, all verified by the customers. Our process aimed to accomplish 4-5 levels of testing before the final cut-off, guaranteeing the project’s success from Value Creed’s perspective.

Post-Upgrade Improvements: We observed Significant Performance Enhancements Following ETRM Upgrade: Position Valuation improved by 60%, Settlement improved by 65%, and Credit Sees a 30% boost.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Upgrade Services

Our team is made up of industry-leading CTRM experts who help you model new business requirements to ensure a future-proof setup. Our commitment to CTRM technology is reflected in our upgrade services, which empower you to customize and enhance performance. Our primary focus is to optimize functionality across the board, aligning with market demands through a holistic solution.

Key Takeaways

By leveraging Value Creed’s expertise in executing strategic upgrades, organizations unlock a pathway to enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined workflows, and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of their industry. Our collaborative workshops ensure meticulous planning, while the systematic breakdown of upgrades into manageable cycles ensures active client participation and thorough testing. With a dedicated focus on reliability and repeatability, we enhance overall performance, establishing Value Creed as a reliable ally for achieving successful and seamless upgrades.

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Performance Challenge

A leading Energy Company based out of Houston found itself at a crossroads when it needed assistance with upgrading its ETRM system. Lacking prior experience in such complex technical endeavors, the company sought expert guidance to navigate this crucial upgrade process.

The current version of their ETRM system lacked the most recent functionalities and had limited performance enhancement features. The absence of these updated features posed challenges in the inventory reconciliation process, resulting in data mismatches. Furthermore, accessing the system through a Terminal server added connectivity issues.

Additionally, the business team had a limited understanding of the latest version and its features. The overall situation emphasized the urgent necessity for an upgrade that seamlessly integrates advancements without disrupting the intricate existing functionalities of the business teams.


Comprehensive Testing

Ensuring the highest quality standards with testing cycles at every stage

3 - Month Delivery

Ensuring continuous transparency of the project’s progress with a focused 15-day sprint

Smooth Transition

Curated user training plan from subject matter experts along with hyper-care support

Revitalizing Project Excellence

Revolutionary Access Solution: Our implementation was primarily focused on Azure’s visual desktop that completely transformed accessibility, offering a flawless experience.

Expert-Led Knowledge Transfer: Our subject matter experts delivered unparalleled training sessions, empowering business teams with insights that elevated their expertise.

Cutting-Edge Artifact Management: We established an unprecedented system where every test case and result are securely stored at the client’s location, providing instant access.

Automated Excellence: All deployments were seamlessly automated and meticulously process-oriented, setting a new standard for efficiency and precision that defies industry norms.

Unrivaled Transparency: Our execution strategy was characterized by unmatched transparency, rendering every operation audit-compliant effortlessly, setting an exemplary benchmark for industry peers.

Real-time Empowerment: Our weekly dashboards not only kept the client informed but also transformed the way stakeholders perceived project statuses, elevating their understanding to an unprecedented level of clarity and engagement.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Upgrade Services

Upgrade Services

Our team is made up of industry-leading CTRM experts who help you model new business requirements to ensure a future-proof setup. Our commitment to CTRM technology is reflected in our upgrade services, which empower you to customize and enhance performance. Our primary focus is to optimize functionality across the board, aligning with market demands through a holistic solution.

Key Takeaways

Hindered by system performance and other challenges, the company urgently required a seamless upgrade. Our transformative solutions included a revolutionary Azure visual desktop, expert-led knowledge transfer, cutting-edge artifact management, and automated processes, setting new industry standards. Unmatched transparency and real-time dashboards elevated stakeholder understanding and engagement. This comprehensive solution not only addressed immediate concerns but also positioned the Energy Company for a future marked by technological excellence and operational efficiency.

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