Moving Your CTRM Database from On-Prem Oracle to Cloud-based SQL Server

Run Smart CTRM/ETRM platform managed services enable application managers to be more proactive in resolving reporting and processing errors in advance of your daily start. In this post, we examine the dominance of Oracle, while unlocking Microsoft SQL Server’s comparable functionality, cost savings, and scalability achieved by moving your on-premise solution to the cloud.  

The truth is – for much of the last decade – Microsoft’s SQL Server was viewed as less expensive and less sophisticated than Oracle. Since then, however, MS SQL Server has closed the gaps in features and power, while maintaining its cost leadership position and delivering distinct advantages in terms of ease of use and uptime. 

Reasons to Move Your CTRM Platform Database to SQL on Azure


Value Creed has helped many clients make this conversion and has found significant initial and ongoing cost savings. Microsoft’s unit license cost is about 15 percent of Oracle’s. In addition, real-time-bidding costs with SQL average $10,000 less per year. In total, a typical on-premise CTRM system that costs $75,000 the first year running on Oracle would cost only about $15,000 on Microsoft SQL on the Azure cloud.


The ubiquitous Microsoft workflow – the de facto industry standard – also makes it easier for technicians to troubleshoot, diagnose, and debug communications problems between the application and the database. Basing SQL Server in Azure brings Microsoft’s technical expertise to bear, making it easier to find support. As a third-party, Java-driven product, Oracle’s diagnostic and repair process can be less straightforward.


The most widely-used CTRM platforms were developed using Microsoft technology, so you can be sure it will not only work with Windows, it has been optimized to perform at its best using the Microsoft interface.

User Experience

Because Oracle originally developed more features and capabilities it necessarily required additional complexity. That makes it more difficult for many people to use. On the other hand, most users are familiar with Microsoft interfaces, making SQL Server more intuitive.

Oracle to SQL Database Conversion with Value Creed 

Value Creed’s Run Smart™ CTRM managed services deliver optimal performance based on your objectives, data environment, and the number of users. Backed by Value Creed’s expertise, Run Smart™ streamlines SQL database conversions and helps commodities traders reap the cost-savings and efficiencies inherent in a cloud-platform database.

Our database conversions and data migration from Oracle on-premise to SQL on Azure incorporates elegant back-end integrations with a total workflow plan that saves you money both during the SQL conversion and throughout the life of the project. We implement a multi-step process that coordinates efforts throughout your organization. 

Take Your CTRM Platform to the Cloud 

Value Creed’s dedicated professionals and proven Run Smart™ approach gives you the confidence that your switch to SQL Server will be completed professionally and that the system will operate flawlessly on the cloud. We start with a holistic diagnosis of your current database situation, including the conceptualization of how your organization’s needs should be met through the new system. 

From there, that analysis will inform how we convert schema, scripts, and applications so they integrate seamlessly with the cloud-based SQL Server. Once data is migrated, we perform iterative testing, tuning, and customization to guarantee your database and server are fully functional from day one.  

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Partners, Teamwork Land Value Creed on Inc. 5000 List

We are thrilled to announce that Value Creed has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America!

The list represents a unique look at the trajectory of thousands of successful and innovative companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—independent small businesses. The 2022 list ranks small businesses based on the percentage of revenue growth each organization has achieved over the last five years.

This honor exemplifies Value Creed’s strength and the power of the fundamental beliefs we share with our clients and employees. This achievement would not be possible without our clients’ commitment to securing sustainable growth through mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Value Creed has always been vigilant in identifying and perfecting new strategies that can make our business dynamic and agile. From the start, our founders have focused on creating a stable, deep-rooted presence that nurtures an enduring environment in every location in which we operate.

We embrace talent mobility and celebrate our contribution to providing our team members a range of opportunities to go beyond the standard career trajectory by learning new skills. This combination – of dedicated people, proven processes, committed leadership, and community spirit has paved the way to our success.

On this note, we would like to thank each and every one of the people in the organization and our clients for sharing our commitment and reinforcing our collective strength. 

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Economic Times Recognizes Value Creed’s Innovation and Achievement in Workplace

Value Creed Awarded Under Two Categories by Economic Times HRWorld Future Skills

Value Creed has been awarded under two categories “Best Learning Culture in an Organization” and “Best First Time Managers Program” for its uncompromising dedication to creating new strategies for the upskilling of the workforce to be future-ready.  

Value Creed believes in building dynamic teams and focuses on delivering greater employee experiences to make the employees feel more included and engaged.  Our “LearnSmart Program” paves the way for our employees to receive best-in-class instruction from advanced technicians, along with hands-on experience working on real client projects and executive mentorship designed to fast-track their careers. Various dimensions of Value Creed’s LearnSmart Program :

Glimpse of ETHRWorld Future Skills

We not only focus on promoting excellence and establishing best practices but prioritize on enhancing the learning experience and encourage innovation in Learning & Development to create a future ready and resilient workforce.

Nitesh Raj, Managing Director

Roaring through the “Hypergrowth Series”, Value Creed proudly announces its collaboration with University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) to provide internships to students under the LearnSmart internship program that primarily focuses on providing a platform for the youth to channel their potential and create a framework for competency-based skill training.

The fast evolving nature of the Energy industry is creating an entirely new marketplaces, new ecosystems, and new opportunities for Energy and Utility companies. Value Creed opens doors to the world for students by bridging the gap between the transition from college to work ecosystems. 

The focus is not just on high-quality work opportunities but also on empowering students with various skills. As compared to other internships, students receive hands-on experience on various CTRM  software platforms like Allegro, RightAngle, iRely, W Energy, and many more.

Interns will also be taught high-value soft skills, critical analysis, and proven frameworks on live software instances, rather than offline scenarios along with targeted mentorship to assist and provide guidance to them, allowing them to explore their passions while working on real-time projects.


The collaboration also paves way for faculty training under Abhigyaat where the teachers can accelerate their technical, functional, and industry knowledge providing opportunities to ascent into supervisory, and executive roles ensuring success and career advancement at an unprecedented pace.

Benefits of the Training Program to the Students

The specific objectives of the collaboration include providing hands-on experience to students of UPES to various advanced technologies available in various CTRM platforms to expand their knowledge horizon. The students will also be encouraged to reach self-efficacy by setting high standards to help them achieve their goals. 

Our internship experience is to bring interns together to connect, collaborate and co-create to make a difference in the world. We believe that this collaboration will encourage greater flexibility for the university and students harnessing the technological tools available in the fast-growing energy sector.

I believe the collaboration between UPES and LearnSmart by Value Creed would bring a new perspective to the energy-focused studies. Exposure to the right ETRM tools and projects will prepare our students and faculty for the upcoming opportunities.

Mr. Manish Madaan, Registrar and Director Career Services

Economic Times Recognizes Value Creed as Future Ready Organisation

Value Creed Recognized as a Future Ready Organization by Economic Times HR World for creating an agile and flexible work environment where the employees are provided with various opportunities to scale up their ability to learn, innovate and adapt.

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Value Creed has always focused on creating an employee experience for its employees, which paves the way for the talent to thrive and achieve a perfect work-life balance.

We at Value Creed have always believed in learning and innovating with speed and agility and I think that’s what it takes to be a Future Ready Organization. We work on creating a culture where our employees not just feel valued but also feel empowered to achieve more faster.

Nitesh Raj, Managing Director