Fitness is Fun, Let's Pass it On

Value Creed promotes its employees to have a positive outlook in their work and life as well. As having a healthy work-life balance is essential we encourage our employees to have an access to facilities and programs that can help them become physically active. Prioritizing overall well-being in our culture we view Value Creed as a healthy and high-performing organization.

We make your Fitness a Priority

With initiatives like VC Walkathon, and VC Cricket club, Badminton is our next stop for promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing team spirit in our employees. We look for opportunities that can enable our employees to have a gateway for all sorts of activities where they can indulge in relaxing and form bonds with each other. This way we look forward to enhancing trust, pride, and camaraderie in the workplace and creating a great workplace for our employees.

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Robust Program Management

We believe in “no-surprises” when it comes to project delivery and the number one way to achieve this is through program management. A collaborative project culture is established that encourages transparency and adherence to the communication protocols outlined in the program management procedures.

Guiding Principles

Success Drivers

  • Transparency along the way
  • Honest with feedback and outcomes ​​
  • Utilization of SME expertise and industry standards along the way
  • No surprises – ensure detailed communication beyond surface-level metric tracking
  • Establishment of a Steering Committee with regular touchpoints 
  • Access to key resources
  • Acceptable level of access to relevant documentation, systems, and reports
  • Strong stakeholder communication throughout the process 

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Value Creed fosters an ideal workplace that introduces healthy workplace policies and promotes a fit lifestyle by encouraging participation in sports activities. With our team having a lot of cricket enthusiasts, it was an ideal opportunity to encourage the sportive spirit. It also gave everyone new insights into camaraderie, equal opportunity, collaboration, team-building, and respect.

Open your Horizons, Extra Wide

Value Creed’s cricket team started as a box match, now our team plays league matches with other independent teams and is getting ready for corporate tournaments. With Major Cricket League starting next year in North Texas we are looking forward to building a strong US team with our US employees. 

We believe in cultivating a sense of bonding both professionally and personally. Now it is not just a sport anymore but is an emotion for us at Value Creed. 

 Recently we had “VC Jersey Reveal” at our Hyderabad office, where we unveiled VC-branded jerseys. It was a proud moment not just for the team but for our whole Value Creed team. We take pride in cheering for our cricket team and the moment our cricket team paraded into the office they were cheered in high spirits. 

It's time for VCians

In cricket, it is the process you adopt that decides what your end result turns out to be. At Value Creed, we always focus on the journey and not the target. So, we are looking at positive future prospects cultivating a sense of integrity in the workplace with our employees having a healthier and balanced journey.

United, we play, United, we bond, United, we win!

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Complex Regulations, Market Volatility Require Diligent Management

Utilities, traders, suppliers, and marketers need effective trading risk management protocols tailored to the commodities they trade, their strategic objectives, their role in the supply chain, and the regulatory environment in which they operate. Identifying, evaluating, and controlling the risks in these volatile markets and aligning each trader’s performance with overall risk appetite and business initiatives is paramount to long-term success.


Trading Risk Management Collaboration Model

Value Creed’s business analysts and risk experts collaborate with clients to create and implement comprehensive risk policies that formalize management, governance, compliance, limits, and workflow. The result is structured procedures for tracking market and credit risk. This process enables clients to correctly prescribe data rules and controls in the endpoint CTRM system while ensuring day-to-day activities are within the bounds of risk tolerance and compliance requirements.



Functional and Platform Experience Combined with Best Practices

Value Creed’s team defines risk management reports using client trading data to uncover insights that dictate appropriate controls and governance. We consider every aspect of the enterprise, establishing risk committees to oversee and enforce risk policies. Value Creed then designs and builds processes around this governance to codify company policy.

Trading Risk Management Policy and Controls Definition Process


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Building Efficiency, Scalability, Flexibility into Business Processes

Change is the only constant for commodity trading enterprises and the businesses support them. Companies must evolve and optimize in order to thrive. To succeed, energy- and commodity-related organizations must constantly adapt – shifting strategies, acquiring and divesting, vertically and horizontally integrating, maturing business processes, streamlining workflow, and scaling activities to remain competitive.

Rapidly Shifting Market Dynamics Presents Unique Challenges

Relying on disparate business processes can put you at a disadvantage as competitors adopt more sophisticated technologies and streamlined operations. Commodities industry players must redesign and optimize their processes to address a variety of issues:


Monitoring and detecting potential violations and mobilizing remediation


Automating, and securing data functions  to reduce errors and vulnerability


Mapping structural and task dependencies to mitigate waste

Lack of

Real-time reporting and full disclosure of positions, inventory, forecasts, assets, etc. 


Value Creed Customizes CTRM Attributes and Functionality

Value Creed’s technical and functional expertise informs our business process design and optimization services. We have perfected a set of best practices aligned with our understanding of the relationships among front, middle, and back office business functions to deliver a comprehensive overhaul of your business processes.

The Value Creed Approach

Align Business Process Design with Expected Outcomes

Partnering with Value Creed to perform your business process design and optimization tasks gives you a structured approach to current state performance and future state competitive advantage. Tailoring operational flow to your niche will continue to deliver efficiency and profitability dividends over the long term.

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Training Approach

Training is integrated from inception to the end of the project. We engage the users in training during phases 1 and 2 of the upgrade process. Our team will work side by side with the users to validate the system, and provide informal one-on-one training as well as knowledge-sharing sessions, essentially helping the users “learn by doing”.

Just as testing does not begin with UAT, training does not begin with UATDuring the Upgrade Assessment phase, we establish a collaborative culture with the message, “Endur expertise is on site, feel free to engage with your questions about Endur.” We engage the users during phases 1 and 2 of the upgrade process. In addition to the training embedded in our methodology, formal training at the start of UAT is provided. We edit our training materials to use actual examples to provide a meaningful training experience.  The training experience does not end at go-live. 

The training approach has four elements to execute training. The first element is Training Plan & Documentation. During this, a training plan is developed based on the impact assessment and changes. The second element is testing the training material and identifying individual training needs and deficiencies. The third element focuses on training delivery, where the training participation is tracked. The last element is about refreshing and reinforcing training which details additional training if required.

Our Hyper Care team will ensure that your users are trained in any new functionality or changes to the system. It’s a support phase that follows immediately after the Upgrade Go-Live to ensure seamless adoption. 

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