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Srijan Sameer’s Dream Comes True - Value Creed Delivers Amazing Career Launch Experience

Srijan Sameer’s Dream Comes True - Value Creed Delivers Amazing Career Launch Experience

Srijan Sameer’s Dream Comes True - Value Creed Delivers Amazing Career Launch Experience


Srijan Sameer’s Dream Come True

Consultant’s Career on the Fast Track

Srijan Sameer is nearing his second anniversary at Value Creed. He joined the company after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in cloud computing and virtualization. He recently shared his experiences as a young rising star and how Value Creed is supporting his career aspirations and supporting his rise to CTRM and IT expert status.

What is your role at Value Creed?

I was fortunate that I got selected in Value Creed’s placement drive. I was given an opportunity right out of college as an associate consultant. That was two years ago. After a year, I was promoted to consultant, where I work on Cloud Development and Quality Assurance teams.

What drew you to the company?

I did a developer internship at Value Creed during college. That allowed me to learn about the business world in general and all the tasks involved in applying technology to business challenges. I loved the work and was thrilled when they offered me a job out of college.

What makes Value Creed a great fit?

I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the job. My mentors helped me channel it into the role that was right for me. I remember being asked how I was enjoying what I was doing. Before I answered, they told me it was OK if I didn’t like it because there are plenty of other areas I could work in. Value Creed’s leaders truly want our team members to be happy and they will find roles where we can be successful:
  • We are not pigeonholed here.
  • I have been exposed to technical, functional, and management components
  • I can gain all the skills I need to become an industry leader.
  • I have the opportunity to dig into myself and assess where my talent and interests lie.
  • That creates a vision for my entire career path here
  • I have the confidence to accomplish any task, even if it is outside my primary area of expertise.

How has Value Creed assisted in developing that vision?

Here, I can see the big picture:
  • The right way to do things – the Value Creed way
  • Limitless learning – My mentors have motivated me to absorb all I can
  • My role as a real part of the free and open work environment.
That’s not the way most businesses operate here. It is an amazing experience. In fact, it has worked out so well that Value Creed has incorporated mentoring and hands-on training for young, leadership-bound team members into its LearnSmart training program.  

How does your experience with Value Creed compare with your peers in other companies?

When you step from academia to the business setting, the first five years are instrumental in establishing yourself in the industry, attaining the skills like holistic development, client relationships, and people management that you can build upon as your career progresses. Value Creed has assembled a magnificent team and given me amazing skills training on interesting projects through the Career Advancement Program. I have gained the experience and understanding that would take several years to acquire at most other tech companies. 
  • There are no restrictions on what you can accomplish and how fast you can move up the ladder.
  • The support, collaboration, team-building activities are all geared to help team members achieve their goals.
  • There’s a commitment to career development.
  • We appreciate that and respond in kind with dedication and loyalty to Value Creed. 
I intend to take the initiative and push the limit, conquer new horizons and master new technologies. I tell my friends. If you want to shoot for the moon and stars, join Value Creed.

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