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Value Creed’s RightAngle Automated Testing Solution

Optimized CTRM Customization and Integration Performance

When it comes to commodities trading and risk management platforms, the three characteristics of workflow efficiency—quality, speed, and certainty—are non-negotiable. RightAngle processes are broad and complex, often leveraging customizations and enhancements. Testing the software and integrations is essential to optimized performance.

Customized Testing for Process Validation and Quality Assurance

To ensure reliability, it is crucial to demonstrate an error-free system by establishing confidence  in an ongoing and established testing procedure for the entire RightAngle platform. To accomplish this, Value Creed encourages its clients to embrace a conversion from manual to automated testing that facilitates their ability to conserve resources and labor while improving the performance and quality of testing operations.


Value Creed’s Right Angle Automation Testing Procedure using TestComplete

To meet regression testing challenges and ensure RightAngle functionality customizations and application integrations remain viable within the workflow, organizations in the commodities industry require well-planned and timely maintenance of their digital test suites. Value Creed achieves this using TestComplete, an automation tool for web and desktop-based applications.

TestComplete enables users to script regression tests for business processes. Following test execution, it provides a detailed log of the steps taken, allowing for quick identification of the source of any errors and warnings generated.

Value Creed’s 5-Step Process for RightAngle Regression Testing

The Value Creed regression testing suite for RightAngle includes a field-proven system for prioritizing, scheduling, performing, and documenting the entire procedure.

5 Step Process

Value Creed’s 5-Step Process for RightAngle Regression Testing

Benefits of Automated RightAngle Testing

6 Powerful Reasons Why RightAngle Automated Testing Outperforms Manual Approaches

Switching to automated testing for RightAngle through Value Creed’s regression suite generates numerous benefits:

Accelerate RightAngle Testing with Value Creed's Expertise

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