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Renewable Fuel Management: Navigating RINs with a Custom Utility Module

Optimizing Renewable Fuel Management

Navigating the intricacies of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) within C/ETRM software like RightAngle demands a tailored approach. Our custom utility module is designed to seamlessly track the flow of RINs while ensuring alignment with renewable fuel standards and adapting to your business requirements. With strategic integration, custom automation, regulatory expertise, risk management solutions, and testing and maintenance support, we offer a comprehensive solution for your renewable fuel management process. Whether it’s merging renewable standards into existing systems or addressing compliance risks, our suite of instruments streamlines your operations and ensures continuous rule adherence.

Navigating Compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Traditionally, businesses manually manage their compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), relying heavily on spreadsheets and manual calculations to assess risks. This approach led to issues in various segments such as data management. Companies encountered difficulties in manually collecting information on renewable fuel types and quantities, tracking purchases, blending activities, and production using spreadsheets or third-party applications, leading to inaccuracies. Manual calculations added complexity, as users must compute volumes of renewable fuels needed to meet regulatory obligations.

Furthermore, record-keeping became demanding, requiring the maintenance of extensive records detailing renewable fuel usage, associated RINs, and transactions related to RIN trading. Additionally, preparing reports for regulatory agencies necessitates manual data entry and verification, posing a risk of errors due to the labor-intensive effort.

Integrating ETRM Systems for Efficient Management

Our experts propose a solution to enhance the management of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compliance by integrating RFS requirements into ETRM systems like RightAngle through a custom module. This method entails customizing various aspects to suit specific needs.

Benefits of the Proposed Solution

Efficiency and Automation

Our custom module centralizes RINs operations, significantly reducing manual work to only 1-2 hours, achieving over 90% accuracy.

Accurate Monitoring & Tracking

Effectively oversee numerous transactions amounting to 1,000,000 gallons of RINS annually, reducing transactional risks.


This solution significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance with RFS regulations, avoiding potential financial and legal penalties.

Subsidy Allocation

Empowers companies to manage their RINS transactions within RFS regulations, enabling them to access subsidies for their business activities.

Operational Excellence

Renewable certificates are tracked by recording transactions. This involves exchanging these transactions with EMTS and automatically confirming they meet the necessary standards.

Documentation and Audit Trail

An integrated system can maintain a detailed audit trail, providing a record of all renewable standards activities, which is crucial for compliance verification.

Efficient, Accurate, and Sustainable: Value Creed’s Tailored Solutions

Our custom utility solution effectively streamlines processes through automation, minimizing manual efforts and resource consumption. This enhancement ensures accuracy and timeliness in compliance records, ultimately reducing errors and delays. By reducing administrative overhead, our solution reduces cost. It also promotes sustainability through cleaner fuels and encourages eco-friendly practices. With efficient data management and automated reporting, our system enhances accuracy and operational efficiency, marking a significant step forward in renewable fuel management.

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