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Refresh & Reform with Value Creed’s Team


The Value Creed team often so focused on the day-to-day grind that it becomes necessary for the teams to take a pit stop and assess not just their career progress but also their work relationships. It becomes important for the team to have a shift in perspective so they can approach work in a fresh and dynamic way.

We have always focused on creating a welcoming, refreshing and inspiring environment for our employees in which they can innovate, think and collaborate. Our North American retreat to the Margaritaville Resort has been a perfect experience to get out of the day to day grind and focus on some much needed time-off.


We aimed at not just creating a relaxing atmosphere but also getting away from work to think and reflect back on what the collective team have achieved in the past year.  The Strategy and Leadership session was very engaging as there were new ideas proposed on creating process, long term strategies and various expectations from teams were discussed by our leadership team in order to move towards our goals with strengthened collaborations.


This mini vacation was the perfect opportunity for the team to socialize and understand each other’s perspectives further galvanizing them to strive toward a shared goal. Ensuring the complete well-being of our employees gives us immense pleasure.

The whole team did not just create a bunch of new memories but they also felt quite refreshed and all set to tackle the various upcoming challenges to exceed our clients expectations.