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Rack Business in RightAngle

Streamline Rack Business Operations

The energy trading industry involves buying and selling commodities through ETRM tools like RightAngle. However, standard features may not meet specific business needs. Our expertise offers customized solutions to streamline rack business operations, including managing trading activities, tracking positions, billing customers, and mitigating risks.

Below is how a Rack Deal is performed in RightAngle:

Industry Pain Points

Inefficient operations lead to delays, errors, and increased risk, which ultimately impacted the bottom line of the business. This further leads to challenges in retaining customers as well as acquiring new customers.

Each office has its own additional challenges due to the standard template available in RightAngle, these are: 

The deal template is incompatible to capture all the necessary data required by the business. The inability to enter internal purchase and sale deals within the system makes it extremely difficult to capture and manage internal trading activities between different departments or subsidiaries.

Middle office users spend a significant time matching physical trades to the movements, leading to an increased risk of errors and potential delays. With 3rd party tools, the process of capturing rack deals, scheduling them, and handling movements and related BOL files makes the entire process time-consuming.

The unavailability of customized invoice templates like payment type drafts, billing, and cash applications makes the process inefficient and error-prone, leading to delays in payment and potential disputes with customers.

Value Creed's Customized Approach to Rack Business

The suggested solution includes customized deal templates, automatcher rules, and invoice templates, as well as drafts for daily invoices and custom reports tailored to customer requirements. These customizations help clients to streamline their operations, optimize the use of the RightAngle tool, and improve overall efficiency, leading to improved customer satisfaction, reduced errors, and increased profitability.


Customized solution for RightAngle by Value Creed has results in improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability for businesses.

Our customizations help streamline front-office operations, allowing businesses to more efficiently capture, manage, and track deals, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Our customizations will provide businesses with enhanced middle-office capabilities, such as the ability to track inventory levels, automatch transactions, and generate customized reports, resulting in better risk management and improved decision-making.

Our customizations can help businesses streamline their invoicing and payment processes, reducing processing time and errors, and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our customizations provide businesses with increased visibility and control over their trading activities, allowing them to better manage risk exposure and make more informed decisions.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

20-30% increase in overall productivity

Improved Accuracy & Reduced Errors

Reduce manual errors by up to 80%

Better Risk Management

10-15% reduction in risk exposure

Improved Cash Flow

5-10% improvement in cash flow

Cost Savings

10-20% reduction in storage costs

Value Creed's Service Add Ons

Value Creed offers a range of services to help customers implement and customize RightAngle to meet their unique business needs. Some of the services that will help deliver the Customized Rack Business solution include:

RightAngle Customization

Customization of deal templates, automatcher rules, creating invoice drafts, multiple reports, and other features to meet the unique needs of the customers.

Special Report Customizations

Customized reports to include specific information such as the date and time of the interface, the type of deal, the deal ID, the source of the interface, and any relevant details or comments.

Business Process Optimization

Optimizing business processes by analyzing current workflows, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing best practices

Implementation and Integration

End-to-end implementation services from project planning and scoping to testing and deployment.

Training and Support

Training on core functionalities, as well as customized training on features, functionalities, and workflows related to rack business.

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