Optimize Endur Implementation to Fuel your Business Returns

Maximize Business Value with Endur's Optimal Implementation

Commodity Trading & Supply firms choose Endur due to its unparalleled functional coverage across various asset classes and markets, along with its enhanced customization ability. Though implementation of Endur entails substantial financial investment, investing in Endur strategically proves to be highly advantageous to the business landscape. By leveraging Endur technology effectively, you can expedite the realization of returns, making it a valuable and strategic IT asset for firms in the industry.

When it comes to making investment decisions in Endur, most clients tend to prioritize the below questions: 

What Business Impacts can you see by using Endur optimally?

Endur is a complex but a very powerful system. If Endur functionalities are implemented the right way you can see significant business impact across all areas of your commodity trading business and it’s underlying IT infrastructure. Below are some key areas you can focus on to maximize the value and return on your investment in Endur.

Streamline Operations, Expand Trading Capabilities, and Optimize Processes

  • Expanding into new geographies and markets requires assessing the unique requirements of each market. With our data accelerators and integrated Endur's standard ICE, CME, and exchange connectors, you can quickly establish new business portfolios within the Endur system, facilitating seamless operations in diverse regions and markets.
  • Managing operations across multiple geographies can be a costly endeavor for companies. By utilizing independent end of Days processes, flexible processing rules, and geographic system partitioning, you can streamline operations and effectively manage activities in different regions. Additionally, the Trading Locations configuration allows for expanded trading capabilities across users, desks, and business units.
  • With limited inventory visibility businesses cannot effectively manage margins and positions.. By utilizing features of Endur's "Midstream Processing" you can optimize the forecasting of product volumes and improve agreement and custody contract management at processing plants, fractionators, and refineries, minimizing inefficiencies in your operations.

Ensure Market Success with Efficient Trading & Enhanced Inventory Managementt

Credit valuations can be very complex and take a long time to run in ETRM systems. Pricing Data errors and time to rerun the valuations can lead to scenarios that put your commodity operations at risk, especially in a high liquidity and high-frequency commodity market. Leveraging Connex, Trade Process Management, and deal scripts within Endur in the right way it can allow you to get a real time view of credit, deal with complex credit adjustments for emissions, and quick reconciliation between back-office operations and collateral/credit limit management. 
To reduce market risk in the early stages, you can make better scheduling decisions by using Endur’s advanced pricing models that consider different options for locations, timings, and cargoes. These models when configured optimally, also consider how prices of the commodities involved change over time, providing valuable information for making smarter decisions.
You can lower costs and risks of manual errors by automating confirmation process with integration of Endur with platforms like “EFET Box by Ponton” or “Fidectus Gen System.” This integration allows for smooth management of power, physical commodities, and swaps. By automating the confirmation process, you can speed up the assessment of positions and improve the overall trading process. 
To prevent data loss and save time on reconciling information between Endur and ERP systems, it’s important to have accurate financial processes in place. This includes efficient book closing and timely financial reporting. Endur’s Settlement Desktop module offers “custom bridges” that help establish connections between the systems, simplify the overall system structure, improve error handling, and most importantly enable real-time exporting of document data.

Real-time Insights, Faster Processing, and Improved Data Analytics

Achieving a real-time portfolio view, faster processing time, and more efficient valuations and simulations are just some of the benefits resulting from technological advancements in Endur. To leverage these improvements, consider combining market data tools with TPM trade process management, utilizing simple integration patterns with Connex Lite for long-running operations, implementing test regression scores with unit test runner suites, and exposing Endur’s data through a WebServices API. Furthermore, enable connectivity to QUANTUM, standalone microservices, and other toolkit applications via JDBC and Extend Client API for seamless integration and enhanced functionality. 

Value Creed's Expertise helps you maximize your ROI from Endur Implementation

Unlocking the full potential of Endur and maximizing ROI can be a challenging endeavor, given its complexities and resource requirements. However, Value Creed offers specialized expertise in the Endur platform, enabling you to navigate its intricacies and optimize your investment. With our industry knowledge and global experience, we provide customized solutions and strategic guidance tailored to your specific business objectives. The examples mentioned earlier are just a glimpse of the transformative outcomes we have delivered to numerous global clients. Here are some additional achievements we have accomplished for our clients:

Increased Profitability

Effective Risk Management & Real-time analytics (>$ 200 million y-o-y after greenfield implementation compared with previously defragmented landscape)

Increased trading opportunities & ROI on trading investments

Short Time-to-Market (<1 day for low complexity; 1-2 days for medium complexity; 2-5 days for high complexity products). Within budget and within time implementations (mean variance of 8.2% on budgets with a standard deviation of 2.3% on timelines

Improve Operational Efficiency

Straight through processing & Event Driven CTRM (Reduction of average lead-time from 1.75 days to <0.2 days)

Increased customer satisfaction score

Internal Surveys with Traders, Schedulers, Invoicing & Confirmation team members at 6 months interval.

Accelerating Business Transformation and Success with Value Creed

Value Creed brings unparalleled expertise in evaluating the suitability of Endur for your unique requirements. If Endur aligns with your needs, we provide comprehensive support in strategizing, planning, and executing Endur programs tailored to your implementation and migration goals. For our existing Endur clients, we recognize the significance of safeguarding your valuable IT investment and offer flexible options to select managed services. Our aim is to help you achieve operational excellence by delivering customized solutions that cater to your specific needs and budget constraints.

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