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Mastering Endur Release Management: Ensuring Rollback-Free Deployments

Maximizing ROI with Robust Endur Release Management Strategies

Effective release management is crucial for energy companies heavily reliant on complex software systems to manage operations, such as trading, risk management, supply chain, and regulatory compliance. Failures in release deployments can result in productivity losses, stakeholder dissatisfaction, market reputation or worse significant financial losses, with different levels of failure impacting revenue streams differently.

An ETRM application, especially Endur given its interconnected system architecture, requires meticulous attention to ensure that system integrity is maintained at all times. Based on a recent impact that we conducted for one of our Endur Clients, we identified a daily average revenue impact due to inadequate release management capabilities:

Front Office - $50k/day

Mid Office - $22k/day

Back Office - $34k/day

Underlining the importance of robust release management practices let us walk through the the release management process, and how Value Creed’s approach addresses the challenges faced in Endur release management. By following this approach, the risk of introducing errors, conflicts, or security vulnerabilities that could compromise the system’s integrity is significantly reduced.

Release Management Best Practices for Seamless Application Rollouts

Release management involves planning, scheduling, and controlling software builds throughout the development stages. It encompasses testing, deployment, and releases to efficiently deliver applications and upgrades while maintaining the integrity of the existing production environment.

Ineffective release management practices can lead to :

Release Management Process Overview

Optimizing Release Management with Value Creed’s Approach : Exploring the Key Steps

With our expertise in release management and understanding of the pain points associated with Endur we offer comprehensive solutions to avoid rollbacks and maximize value delivery. By implementing proven strategies and leveraging DevOps fundamental principles, we help our clients reduce the risk of failures and optimize revenue generation.

Key Results from Value Creed's Approach

Decreased release frequency from four per month to two per month, leading to better resource allocation and improved overall efficiency.

Increased testing time for developers and business analysts, resulting in a reduced occurrence of deployment rollbacks and improved stability in production.

Higher volume of product backlog items and bugs to be successfully deployed to the production environment, accelerating the delivery. 

Achieve Business Agility and Competitive Advantage with Value Creed

Implementing an effective release management strategy is an investment in stability and reliability, enabling businesses to deliver high-quality software while maintaining customer satisfaction. Value Creed helps it’s clients invest in robust release management practices by following a structured process, comprehensive testing, thorough governance, clear communication, and a focus on automation and continuous delivery. Partner with us today to implement effective release management strategies, helping you minimize operational disruptions, improve compliance, enhance data security, seize market opportunities, and foster innovation.

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