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Value Creed’s Team Is Comprised Of Known CTRM Experts

Why We’re The Answer

Because Something Beyond the Ordinary Just Happened

Something special happens with great problem solvers, business experts, technologist, financiers and down-right smart engineers join forces. Something special, something different.

At Value Creed, we’ve crafted a culture and a vibe that has attracted some of the best CTRM talent in the world. Our team is dedicated to translating the pulse of the industry into actionable outcomes for energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and agricultural operations worldwide.

We operate without borders, taking your business where you need to go next. Without the hindrance of overpriced, bloated projects that eventually under serves your account.

Executive Leadership

Priyankar Datta


With over a decade-and-a-half of technology solution development, with almost half of those solving a wide variety of industries’ hardest CTRM challenges, Priyankar is one of the world’s foremost CTRM platform experts. Largely due to his tenure as a lead software development on the platform.

Additionally, he has spent more than a decade developing and implementing CTRM products across a variety of upstream, downstream and midstream clients across Power and Gas like OneOK, Con Edison, CECONY, Origin Energy, Eco Energy, Bord Gáis, EPIC Aviation, Mitsui Energy Marketing Services, National Fuel, Plains All American, Southwest Airlines, RaceTrac, Nexen, Capital Power, Encana, Elbow River, QEP Resources.

Raja Kanthadai

Vice President, Managed Services

Visionary and experienced leader in the CTRM space, Raja is responsible for leading the exponential growth of Value Creed’s unique Run Smart™ managed service model supporting corporations using CTRM platforms worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. His focus is on evangelizing and developing technological enhancements and automations to drive adoption while seamlessly aligning Value Creed’s managed services with in-house resources to deliver high business value programs. 

Mr. Kanthadai holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Texas A&M, and is a certified Energy Risk Professional (ERP).

Nitesh Raj

Managing Director – India

Nitesh is a motivated business leader with over 13 years of progressive experience in IT consulting and operations management. With deep understanding of how to streamline business operations and engage employees in order to reach company objectives and increase profits, he is an expert at analyzing team strengths and leveraging individual assets to reach business goals efficiently. He has worked with several MNCs and has been instrumental in growing their offshore practices in India while also leading service delivery teams working on latest tools and technologies.

His leadership skills are well augmented by his problem solving and technical skills. He has extensive experience in setting up of IT infrastructure in AWS cloud and in development of custom client extensions using C#, SQL & CTRM classes.

Mark Hill


Mark is responsible for advising the strategic market approach to growth for Value Creed and is an expert at uncovering and deriving innovative solutions within the CTRM ecosystem.  He actively pursues business relationships and strategic opportunities for the Value Creed business model to complement the needs of diverse industries served by CTRM solutions.

When not traveling the world bringing messages of market change and impacts of innovation, Mark does what Houstonians do, enjoying the great nights on the town with his wife and friends and exploring the outdoors, wildlife and a plethora or sports and extracurriculars with his three boys.

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