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Improve your Allegro Horizon Performance by Upgrading to .NET Core version

Get the most out of your System

While performing Allegro Horizon Upgrade, energy companies look for an improvement in their existing business functions, system performance to enhance their business process – making it standardized and efficient.

With our more than a decade of experience in performing Allegro Upgrades and keeping our clients up to date with the ever changing technologies, moving to the .NET Core version of the technology can result in a significant performance improvement under the same hardware conditions around areas like processing of Position & Inventory Valuations, Settlements, and Credit.The latest package includes improved out-of-the-box business functions and offer immediate benefits to any existing Allegro user.


Value Creed have been a strong advocate and encourage our clients to use the latest version of the Allegro Horizon system packages to capitalize the maximum value from their trade and risk management business functions. With us providing technical support and guidance to our client’s internal teams, our clients can achieve maximum efficiency that is being offered by the Allegro Horizon Platform.

Benefits Of Upgrading to .NET Core

  • Middle office Managers can analyze same-day Position and P&L Reporting for Immediate Issue Identification, Pricing Visibility, and attributing P&L results to various buckets. Valuation Algorithms have been optimized for faster processing of Exchange-based Futures, Swaps, and Options resulting in significant performance improvements over previous versions.

    The real-time position valuations are more efficient in the recent version and is also easier to configure. Client’s may choose specific finalizers to enable or disable with Incremental Valuations, such as Valuation Summary, P&L Attribution and Open Inventory Calculations.
  • Accountants can achieve faster accounting close due to improved performance of batch jobs and a significant reduction in database contention by resolving any deadlock issues. Restructuring the financial-detail table further by splitting it into the transaction-detail table allows the system to do various data intensive operations like Sub-hourly Settlements while simultaneously improving the overall Settlement Process.
  • With the time series functionality available in the latest version, traders can add ad hoc volume-shaped trades and address the hourly pricing changes making it easier to create load shapes for short-term trades. In addition to the above benefit to traders, inbound trade interfaces can take advantage of this new functionality to capture the short-term shaped-deals in the system.
  • With the addition of modular Exchange connectivity extensions, the system provides additional flexibility to configure and model Exchange-based transactions in the system. As ICE introduces new symbols in the system, the enhanced functionality allows traders to default portfolio-specific fields like tradebook, and strategy more easily.
  • Risk, Credit, and Accountants can independently configure valuation modes for their respective functions thereby providing data separation and improved quality of data for their business function.
  • System Administrators can avoid potential performance issues from high CPU usage on the machines while performing jobs such as triggering messages, and creating documents and approvals by upgrading to the latest version of the software where the workflows are performed on the grid.
  • Accountants can easily configure and create Weekly Invoices within the system under the General Ledger parameters by properly valuing and settling transactions as per their business needs.
  • Power Energy Position report has been expanded to include both Physical Power and Financial Power transactions. The expanded reporting capability will allow the front office analysts to get consolidated real-time position reports thereby assisting in the trading decisions, and minimizing customizations.

Upgrading to Latest ETRM Version: Leveraging Value Creed’s Expertise

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