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Enhanced Efficiency in Precision Trading: Price Comparison & Ad hoc Comparison Tools

Unleashing User-Friendly Precision for Trading Efficiency

Do the users in your trading shop encounter the challenging task of daily manual price comparisons or attempting to identify missing prices? 

The current ‘Price Calculator’ feature in Allegro Horizon may serve as an alternative, proving complex to configure and yet failing to provide the desired user-friendly, informative output, thereby negatively impacting the business decision-making and occasionally leading to errors due to incomplete or inaccurate data.

Our solution features a user-friendly, efficient, and precise extension to significantly reduce the need for human intervention. It aims to streamline processes, improve speed, and minimize the potential for errors. An additional feature, the Ad hoc Price Comparison, is entirely customizable to individual user preferences, offering flexibility without external interference. The system also includes automated alerts to keep users updated, reducing the need for frequent manual involvement. Its high accuracy ensures minimal errors in operations.

Addressing Operational Challenges in Price Comparison Processes

To optimize trading strategies and maximize profitability, Front and Middle office users usually seek automated methods to compare prices in Allegro Horizon against external pricing records. These users require a user-friendly tool for comparing price variations based on market specifics and configured price indexes in Allegro Horizon, crucial for day-to-day business decisions.

The current Allegro Horizon operational process can be enhanced for improved user satisfaction and operational efficiency by refining the “Price Calculation” view. Addressing intricacies and enhancing user-friendliness will empower users, fostering well-informed decision-making and enabling more effective hedging strategies. Optimizing the “Price Calculation” view will enhance operational efficiency, data accuracy, and the overall quality of decision-making, ultimately contributing to the business’s success and effectiveness.

Optimizing Price Comparison Processes

Our proposed solution aims to improve the efficiency of the current process. This involves creating two distinct configuration views and two comparison views, while also integrating message events to alert the Middle Office and Admin users about missing prices or instances where prices exceeded predefined thresholds.

The Price Compare Config view plays a crucial role by allowing users to configure vital parameters such as indices, index types, products, and dates for price comparisons. Users can also set threshold values in both dollar and percentage terms to analyze day-on-day price changes. This view incorporates a ‘DefaultDates’ function in its ribbon, streamlining date configuration by automatically setting dates to the ‘prior day’ and ‘prior day-1’. Moreover, the system automates date rolling to accommodate weekends and holidays, aligning with diverse holiday calendars associated with various products. 

The Price Comparison view utilizes the configurations established in the Price Compare Config view to offer a thorough analysis of day-on-day price variations. This view presents users with essential information such as Price Index, Product, Previous Price, Previous Delivery Dates, Compared Price Dates, Compared Delivery Dates, Previous and Current Prices, Price Differences, and Percentage Differences. Notably, if the dollar or percentage change between Price Index dates or Delivery Dates exceeds the predetermined threshold, the system automatically sends an alert to the Middle Office via email. This simplifies the identification and resolution of issues.

Furthermore, we implemented the “Adhoc Price Compare Config” and Adhoc Price Comparison” views, providing customized configurations for users who need tailored settings. This personalized approach guarantees that any modifications made within these views are visible exclusively to the specific user in Horizon.

Elevating Efficiency: Key Features in Price Comparison Solution

Our solution significantly enhances the efficiency of the current process through various key features:

Streamlined Configuration

The "Price Compare Config" view allows users to easily configure crucial parameters, such as indices, index types, products, comparison dates, and thresholds for price changes. This simplifies setup, enabling quicker and more accurate configuration.

Automated Default Dates

The "DefaultDates" function in the Price Compare Config ribbon provides a one-click solution to set default comparison dates, saving time and ensuring consistency across all records. Automatic date rolling, accounting for weekends and holidays, reduces manual adjustments and increases efficiency.


Holistic Price Comparison

The "Price Comparison" view presents a comprehensive summary of day-on-day price changes, eliminating the need for manual calculations and cross-referencing. This streamlines the identification of discrepancies and enhances data integrity assessment.

Alerts for Threshold Exceedance

Our solution triggers alerts when the price change surpasses defined thresholds, minimizing manual intervention. Proactive alerting ensures prompt issue identification and communication to the Middle Office via email, reducing response times.

User-Specific Ad hoc Configuration

The "Adhoc Price Compare Config" and "Adhoc Price Comparison" views cater to individual user preferences for ad-hoc needs, offering similar functionality as their counterparts.

Our solution also caters to simplified client tasks, precise data and calculated outcomes, time efficiency, accuracy and completeness of pricing data, and informed decision-making and risk management. This results in streamlined processes, reduced manual errors, and improved responsiveness in the trading and financial environment.

Elevate Trading Strategies with Value Creed

Our solution stands out due to its multifaceted approach to price comparison and analysis, setting it apart from other available alternatives. Beyond providing a comprehensive report-type feature for price comparisons, our tool calculates and displays price differences and percentage variances, enhancing analytical capabilities crucial for decision-making. By automating complex tasks, improving data accuracy, and ensuring a user-friendly experience, our solution optimizes and simplifies the process. This comprehensive enhancement in day-to-day operations for the Middle Office and ETRM Admin users ultimately facilitates better decision-making while significantly reducing manual efforts.

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