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Elevate Your Business Operations with Value Creed’s Integrated Invoice Document Generation System Solution

Revolutionize Your Business Operations: Introducing Our Integrated and Automated Invoice Document Generation System

Revolutionize your business with our integrated and automated invoice document generation system, transcending the inefficiencies of manual processes. The current method may pose a few challenges with operational efficiency, leading to escalated labor costs, delayed payments, and increased risk of customer dissatisfaction. Our solution tackles these challenges head-on, transforming the creation of 500 invoices from a monthly 5-8 hour ordeal to a swift 5-8 minute task.

Beyond time savings, our system elevates the Back Office, Accounting, and Finance teams’ capabilities. Through automated validation and document creation, we slash the risk of manual errors, accelerating the entire invoicing cycle. Our customizable file-naming feature ensures systematic organization and easy document retrieval, streamlining data management and bolstering tracking capabilities. Experience a more streamlined, productive invoicing process that eradicates operational bottlenecks and fortifies accuracy.

A Comprehensive Overview of Manual Invoice Document Generation Challenges

The manual invoice document generation process may further add challenges related to human errors and compliance violations. This jeopardizes the company’s financial health and reputation. Implementing an automated system is crucial to mitigating these risks and fostering positive business outcomes.

The current process involves several steps for the creation of invoice documents within a business environment:


Create and Validate Invoice Details

This initial phase requires entering transaction specifics such as amounts and dates. Validation follows to ensure accuracy. Subsequently, an authorization step checks for compliance with company policies and financial regulations, aligning the invoice with established standards.


Generate Invoice Document

Upon approval, users select the invoice row and prompt the system to create the document. This involves the generation of a final file, commonly in PDF or other relevant formats.

Document Naming Convention

The generated invoice document follows a standardized naming convention, typically in the format 'Doc Collaboration No.-Surrogate No.' (e.g., Doc1920628-358697.pdf).

An Integrated and Automated Solution for Precise, Efficient, and Compliant Invoice Document Generation

Our suggested solution to streamline the current process and address the challenges is implementing an integrated and automated invoice document generation process. 

To streamline the generation of invoice documents, we initiate a grid job. This job fetches a compilation of invoices that necessitate document generation, utilizing either the Account date or invoice date as parameters within the grid job. The document creation process leverages the Horizon/Allegro Core Webservice (CreateDocument). The linkage between invoices and their respective documents is subsequently established through this collaboration.

Furthermore, our solution empowers users to customize the invoice document file name by incorporating critical details like Invoice Type, Invoice Number, Counterparty Name, and Flow Year and Month. This not only ensures precision in documentation but also provides a tailored and efficient solution to the invoicing process.

The key results from implementing the solution include:

Achieve Efficiency and Accountability with Value Creed's Tailored Solutions

Tackle the challenges posed by manual processes with Value Creed’s tailored solutions and cultivate a streamlined organizational approach. Prioritizing accuracy mitigates risks linked to payment delays, averting disruptions in business partnerships. The suggested solution’s adept data management capabilities establish a transparent financial ecosystem, instilling confidence among stakeholders and underscoring the company’s dedication to governance and accountability.


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