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Cricket Culture at Value Creed


Value Creed fosters an ideal workplace that introduces healthy workplace policies and promotes a fit lifestyle by encouraging participation in sports activities. With our team having a lot of cricket enthusiasts, it was an ideal opportunity to encourage the sportive spirit. It also gave everyone new insights into camaraderie, equal opportunity, collaboration, team-building, and respect.

Open your Horizons, Extra Wide

Value Creed’s cricket team started as a box match, now our team plays league matches with other independent teams and is getting ready for corporate tournaments. With Major Cricket League starting next year in North Texas we are looking forward to building a strong US team with our US employees. 

We believe in cultivating a sense of bonding both professionally and personally. Now it is not just a sport anymore but is an emotion for us at Value Creed. 

 Recently we had “VC Jersey Reveal” at our Hyderabad office, where we unveiled VC-branded jerseys. It was a proud moment not just for the team but for our whole Value Creed team. We take pride in cheering for our cricket team and the moment our cricket team paraded into the office they were cheered in high spirits. 

It's time for VCians

In cricket, it is the process you adopt that decides what your end result turns out to be. At Value Creed, we always focus on the journey and not the target. So, we are looking at positive future prospects cultivating a sense of integrity in the workplace with our employees having a healthier and balanced journey.

United, we play, United, we bond, United, we win!

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