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An Electricity Power Generator & Wholesale Marketing Company Improved its CTRM Performance through Value Creed’s Health Check Service

Performance Challenge

An electricity power generator and wholesale marketing company was experiencing deadlocks and a high number of retry attempts when performing valuation and settlement runs in their CTRM, as well as grid stalling of the grid server.  To ensure correct data analysis, the company had to evaluate its CTRM system to rule out the issues causing these deadlocks and retry attempts.  On Value Creed’s suggestion, they decided to go for a CTRM Health Check.


50% improvements

in EOD position runs

75% reduction in deadlocks

in position & settlement runs

Expertise On Demand

Value Creed Services Mobilized:


Expertise On Demand

Whether you want services for business process improvements, creating personalized BI dashboards, or performing health checks, Value Creed’s Expertise on Demand offers to bridge these gaps through CTRM experts with decades of experience. Achieve organizational goals at every stage of the CTRM journey.

Key Takeaways

Value Creed experts conducted a comprehensive health check which solved the known performance and deadlock issues but also uncovered additional opportunities for improvement. Index tuning, custom code optimizations, data compression & archiving along with other various improvements were recommended for better performance. The entire service was carried out with no issues which led to them becoming managed services customers where health checks will be performed periodically as part of regular support/maintenance.

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