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Advanced Solutions, Automation Imperatives, and Comprehensive Data Management in RightAngle

Empowering Energy Traders with Advance Solutions

Timely pricing data empowers traders with informed decision-making. The seamless integration of pricing interfaces is pivotal for accurate business operations and provides crucial insights for effective risk management, given the direct impact of prices on energy trading profitability. Our solution not only automates price imports into RightAngle from diverse sources but also introduces advanced accelerators to boost the efficiency of existing interfaces. Furthermore, it offers invaluable support to clients in the Northern region, where extreme cold conditions require meticulous consideration of temperature correction factors in trading dynamics.

The Imperative for Automation in Risk Management and Financial Operations

Currently, users engage in a manual and error-prone process for price corrections, manually verifying prices against alternative sources and leading to inaccuracies in trade confirmations and settlements. This approach lacks automation, particularly for critical factors like temperature corrections, requiring additional manual intervention and diminishing pricing accuracy.

The absence of prices distorts risk assessments, compromising effective portfolio valuations and exposing assets to unforeseen risks. Manual reconciliation processes are both time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in increased operational costs. Additionally, oversights in temperature correction and resource-intensive maintenance contribute to inefficiencies, placing the business at a competitive disadvantage in a technology-driven market. Swift adoption of advanced solutions is imperative for streamlining risk management and financial processes.


Comprehensive Solutions for Enhanced Data Management and Reporting Efficiency

We’ve developed a comprehensive solution to address identified issues. Our system effortlessly imports real-time prices, rectifies missing or incorrect data, and issues real-time alerts for proactive problem-solving. Prioritizing data integrity, centralized management, transparency, and compliance; it significantly improves business performance and guarantees accurate valuations.

Custom Interface Tasks

This solution revolves around customized jobs with diverse functions such as importing price files into RightAngle, promptly notifying the business team of pricing discrepancies (missing, duplicated, or incorrect prices), and rectifying prices in instances of discrepancies related to temperature correction factors.

Archiving process

The solution also features a robust archiving process to prevent file and data duplication, ensuring data integrity.

Staging Reports

Provides sophisticated reporting through staging and historical reports, acting as a centralized information repository. It facilitates clear audit trails, fostering enhanced data transparency and accountability.

Benefits of the Proposed Solution

Step into the future of energy trading with our advanced solution. Real-time alerts, proactive issue resolution, and enhanced portfolio management streamline risk management. Our system ensures data integrity, efficiency, and regulatory compliance, empowering decision-makers for strategic success in a dynamic market.

The customized task promptly informs the business team of pricing problems like missing, duplicated, or incorrect price files, ensuring quick attention and action to minimize the impact on trading and risk management activities.

Timely notifications empower proactive risk management, allowing risk analysts to swiftly take corrective actions, such as delaying the end-of-day (EOD) process. This proactive approach prevents potential financial losses and mitigates risks before they escalate.

Alerts facilitate efficient portfolio management, enabling risk analysts to make timely adjustments to allocation and rebalancing strategies. This optimization enhances the overall performance of the portfolio.

Our solution’s archiving process crucially prevents data duplicity by systematically ensuring the uniqueness of each archived file, reducing the likelihood of errors and discrepancies in the system.

Staging and historical reports establish a centralized repository for pricing data, streamlining data management processes, and acting as a comprehensive reference for audits, reporting, and future decision-making.

The utilization of a staging table creates a transparent audit trail for all pricing data, enhancing organizational accountability. Users can trace the history of pricing data, simplifying the identification and correction of discrepancies.


Efficient alerts reduce manual efforts and resource allocation. Streamlining the resolution process enables risk analysts to allocate their time and resources efficiently, directing their focus toward strategic risk management activities.

Our solution ensures pricing data integrity, empowering decision-makers with reliable information for better-informed strategies and overall improved decision-making.

Addressing temperature corrections is crucial in mitigating risks associated with extreme cold. Traders assess impacts on commodity quality, quantity, and transportation, making informed decisions to counter weather-induced variations.


Our solution’s documentation and audit trails ensure regulatory compliance in the energy trading sector, meeting reporting requirements and averting penalties.


Precise Pricing and Strategic Solutions with Value Creed

Our expert team provides a suite of essential services for this solution. This includes in-depth business analysis, solution design detailing customized operations, development aligned with client specs, comprehensive testing, and deployment within RightAngle with ongoing support.

Our proposed solution revolutionizes pricing data management, ensuring precise risk assessments, accurate portfolio valuations, and minimized financial risks. By optimizing hedging strategies and mitigating operational and financial risks, it fosters efficiency, cost savings, and a competitive edge in dynamic markets.

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