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A Deep Dive into Bloomberg Integration with Value Creed

Streamlining Bloomberg Price Integration

Looking to import Bloomberg prices without any human intervention?

Value Creed experts have set up a way for our clients to get real-time price data for European curves from Bloomberg. This data is stored in a Bloomberg application called BPIPE on a different server. We’ve created a link between Horizon and BPIPE using the Bloomberg API, so we can request and bring in the hourly price data as required.  This involves establishing a new product, Euro FTR, within the system and retrieving hourly price data for various European FTR curves from an external Bloomberg application known as BPIPE and integrating this data into Horizon.

Challenge: The Imperative Shift from Manual to Automated Price Retrieval

The existing procedure depends on manual data entry for numerous price rows sourced from Bloomberg. This manual task needs to be repeated daily across various price curves. This retrieval process hampers operational efficiency, risking errors and impeding timely decision-making in financial markets. This inefficiency places the business at a competitive disadvantage, potentially leading to missed opportunities and compromised risk management. Automated price retrieval is crucial for real-time data, reducing delays, and enhancing overall financial health and reputation.

In dynamic markets, competitors utilizing automated price retrieval may gain an edge in executing trades and making well-informed decisions. Additionally, the potential for inaccurate or delayed data introduces an elevated risk of financial losses and regulatory compliance issues.

Automated Price Retrieval for Seamless Financial Operations

With our solution implemented, the system now automatically handles the tasks that users previously spent valuable time inputting manually. This means that the entire process of retrieving and entering the prices from Bloomberg is not only much quicker but also requires minimal manual intervention. This approach shifts manual price retrieval to an automated system providing real-time hourly pricing.

Additionally, various configurations are implemented to ensure the system’s flexibility, allowing it to effortlessly integrate any future additions of new curves without causing disruptions.

Improving the existing process entails enhancing its adaptability to handle varied price curve patterns and decreasing the time needed to import prices into the system, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Here’s an overview of the data flow with Bloomberg integration:

Transformative Solutions: Unleashing Efficiency, Agility, and Risk Mitigation

The solution’s business impacts are substantial. It addresses the challenge of costly, time-consuming, and error-prone data retrieval by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, providing a competitive advantage, mitigating risk, and enabling scalability. The key results of our solution are as follows:

Reduced Licensing Cost

Our solution brings about a substantial reduction in licensing costs by eliminating the need for a separate and costly license to access Bloomberg data through Horizon Price Connect. Through a direct connection to the Bloomberg terminal using an API, our approach bypasses additional licensing requirements, alleviating the financial burden for the organization.

Efficient Data Retrieval

Users can now effortlessly connect to the Bloomberg terminal, directly importing required information into Horizon. This not only saves time but also simplifies the overall complexity of data retrieval, enhancing workflow productivity.

Dynamic Approach

Allowing simultaneous retrieval of prices for different curves, increased flexibility accommodating evolving business needs, and facilitating the integration of new curves or adaptation to market changes. This responsive workflow promotes efficiency and agility in data management.

Competitive Edge

The risk of missed opportunities or financial losses due to delayed or inaccurate data is significant. Our solution enables a competitive advantage by ensuring efficient access to real-time data. This heightened agility in decision-making and trade execution can lead to improved financial outcomes, potentially attracting a broader client base.

Risk Mitigation

Automation plays a crucial role in mitigating the potential errors linked to manual data entry. Precision in data is vital for sound financial decision-making and effective risk management. By reducing the probability of inaccuracies, this solution aids the business in more effectively handling risks and steering clear of costly errors.

Synergize Expertise with Value Creed's Comprehensive Approach

To implement the solution, our team adeptly combined essential services and tasks. Within the Horizon platform, we configured a new product, Euro FTR, automating data retrieval from Bloomberg. Vital Bloomberg integration, executed through the Bloomberg API, facilitated real-time hourly data retrieval. Automation enhanced efficiency, streamlining workflows by integrating hourly prices into Horizon.

This comprehensive approach heightened the effectiveness of our approach along with our team in collaborating with Bloomberg and its applications. The previous success of our project work signifies more than just effective execution; it denotes the acquisition of knowledge and experience and the expansion of capabilities to provide comprehensive services in Bloomberg integration positioning Value Creed as your preferred partner.

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