International Trading Firm Needed Native Support for Gold and Silver Warrants in Its CTRM System - Value Creed Delivered ​

The Challenge

A privately owned global trading firm needed a sophisticated platform for tracking their gold and silver warrants trade in their current CTRM system. Before engaging Value Creed, the company tracked those trades on a spreadsheet that was very sophisticated but still lacked the visibility into real-time trade exposure and opportunities the company required. Under the old system the company was required to enter trades manually into the XLS sheet and re-enter the data into its CTRM platform. This redundancy cost the firm valuable analytic, decision-making, and response time.

Value Creed came to the rescue by building a custom extension to their CTRM platform that allowed them to track each warrant’s individual characteristics in the platform as well as track all of the back office items and regulatory compliance items.

Key Results


The Client

Trading gold warrants requires significantly greater recordkeeping than buying and selling the underlying commodity. Similar to futures contracts, these option-based derivatives carry their own specific certification identifications that outline terms, quantities, expiration dates, and more. Each warrant gives the owner the right to purchase a specific quantity of gold (around 100 troy ounces)

It is not uncommon for contracts to be written for 1,000 warrants or more.The trading firm needed functionality within its commodity trading and risk management software for managing and keeping track of each warrant’s status and for quickly entering the details of each warrant.


Value Creed Solutions

Automatic Importing of warrant contract transactions

  • Value Creed implemented a process for collecting purchase, sales, contract dates, and other vital information, no matter on which exchange, file, or database they reside. Automation reduced errors and cut contract posting time from five hours to two minutes.

Real-time position and P/L visibility

  • The Value Creed platform provides a transparent, current, single-version of the company’s open warrants, viewable by certification ID, purchase date, gross rate, net rate, or any other characteristic.

Tighter data security

  • Value Creed integrated the company’s internal systems and external data sources. Combining position tracking and reporting on a secure, dedicated CTRM platform eliminated the security risk of documenting transactions on spreadsheets.

    This combination of hands-on effort and growing trade volume made the firm seek a new approach to tracking trades.

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

Expertise On Demand

Value Creed mobilizes a team of CTRM experts whenever you need us. Our on-demand managed services structure you with 24/7/365 on-call professionals who have built and repaired a range of CTRM systems and solved virtually every problem associated with the data collection, reporting, scaling, and activation process. With Value Creed’s managed services, your in-house IT crew can focus on strategic projects while our team handles day-to-day maintenance and remediation tasks.


Powerful Solutions Enable International Trading Firm to Seamlessly Integrate New Commodity Class In CTRM Platform

This trading firm’s expansion into a new commodity was bogging down the back office and IT teams with workarounds to address daily warrant trade data and compliance reporting requirements.  With Value Creed’s CTRM experts, the former backlog of trade data was resolved and a long-term solution was put in place with a custom extension to the existing CTRM platform enabling trade data for this new trade type to flow directly into the platform.  


This alleviated rework and also improved the risk position for the firm by ensuring all data is present and accurate at all times.  

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