Paramount Growth and Unprecedented Metrics Includes 100% Customer Satisfaction

Despite the challenges of a difficult year, Value Creed is proud to show the successes that it experienced in 2020. 

What sets Value Creed apart from any other CTRM service provider is its dual time zone model, enabling 24/7/365 service worldwide. 

Value Creed provides six core areas of services: 

  • Dual timezone managed services
  • CTRM functional and technical expertise-on-demand
  • CTRM upgrades and testing services
  • New extensions and modifications
  • Cloud configuration and management
  • Business process outsourcing

Take a look at Value Creed’s 2020 Successes by the Numbers and see why it’s the industry-leading commodity trading and risk management software provider. 

Sparsha Singh shares the story of her career change and growth at Value Creed

I joined Value Creed way back. Being from IoT domain, I had minimal CTRM domain knowledge. I was intrigued by project management. Upon joining, my mentors supportively trained and assigned me to project management. The smooth transition familiarized me with CTRM industry and its nuances. I got ready to contribute in major project management and end to end execution tasks. The systematic processes followed here helped me achieve desired results quickly. The strong team bonding and a positive and inspiring work culture motivated me to excel in my role. I am able to maintain a good rapport with project stakeholders and it helped me to create my position in the organization.

How Value Creed aided my role change?

Value Creed has no restrictions on the path one takes to develop the skills needed to function in their roles. After my initial training, I embarked on a self-taught trajectory, seeking feedback from my mentors as needed, then utilizing my proficiency to manage a team of 8 members which grew rapidly to 20 members. As a project manager, I also implemented various project management related applications, created numerous documents, and augmented Value Creed practices and policies based on experience gathered working with our team and clients.

Experience Gained

End-to-end management of projects:

  • Developing and maintaining project plans for various projects. Tracking multiple projects and tools, providing regular updates on scope, time, cost, quality, and progress to the program manager.
  • Coordination with operations and project management teams to ensure the development and delivery of products on time and as per expectations. Frequent interaction with the clients for project escalation and completion.
  • Application of project management/ agile models to various tasks to optimize time management and achieve delivery goals. Responsible for system compliance and setting up the process for scrum/ project management.
  • Management of tools and techniques for manual to automatic transition processes and change requests by the client to achieve the required business outcomes.
  • Timely assessment and escalation of risks before they become critical issues. Resolution of project issues to meet productivity, quality, and client goals.

Sumeet Pathak describes his journey and route to success.

His journey talks about his commitment to providing extraordinary services to his customers.

When I think about my life, I constantly come back to the fact that I would not be where I am at today without having a life plan and yearly goal.

After pursuing a Masters in Oil & Gas Management and having spent nearly half a decade selling solutions in the ETRM Industry, I was looking for a platform to be able to dig deeper into the business.

Though I was connected to Value Creed since its inception, my personal goals coincided with the journey they had for me and I officially joined the organization in July 2019.

A Vehicle for the Plan

The shift from an ETRM Solutions Selling role to a core business consulting role was a positive turn in my professional life. The organized structure of Value Creed acted as a “Vehicle” for the plan. I pushed myself entirely out of my comfort zone only with one thought “Serve your client Better”.

Believe & Act

I learned the ardent belief in providing extraordinary services to my clients with a proper plan and value driven actions. 

I love the client-facing aspect of what I get to do – experiencing exclusive insight into how different clients run their businesses. The business concepts have helped me understand the way that my clients work – such as understanding the entire commodity life cycle, all the functions of Front, Mid, and Back office.

On successfully and satisfactorily completing a year at Value Creed, I feel proud and am grateful to all the experts at the organization for their guidance and to my fantastic team members for their enthusiasm and support.

Value Creed's Run Smart Managed Services Start at $3,500 a month

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Isha, celebrating her successful year in Value Creed.

I am Isha Mahajan and my journey at Value Creed started exactly a year ago. For me, a great culture in any organization is as important as compensation and benefits.

At the same time I was excited for the new experiences in life.

The culture at Value Creed consists of shared beliefs and values established by leaders who help shape employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding by investing in them on a daily basis. It was a wonderful feeling when I realized that all of us are valuing and evolving this culture together as a cohesive team.

Through this exercise, I had the opportunity to understand work from both product perspective and different types of services we offer in ETRM and CTRM industry.

Immediately after this, I was given the charge of training our first batch of Interns. This gave me a deep sense of accomplishment with the trust that the company has invested in me. It gave me a platform to enhance my technical ability along with gaining confidence. I got a chance to learn from the experts in our team while working closely with them on multiple projects.

My major take away in 1 year was :

Enhance Leadership Skills Learn From The Experts Fun Team Activities

The organization’s environment is a space that cares about well-being of the employees. Other than work there are a lot of team work activities like setting up lunch outings, games, and other social events. Our HR team ensures that there is always an upcoming event so the entire team has something to look forward to, and it uses different means to increase cohesion among the team members. Learning, chasing targets and offering extraordinary services to our customers has been a valuable experience at Value Creed.

Last year passed by in a blink of an eye and left me with immense gratitude. I look forward to having more valuable experiences at Value Creed. Do you have what it takes to complete Value Creed’s training program and thrive in our work environment? To learn more about Value Creed, introduce yourself to us, and apply for open positions, please visit

Value Creed's Run Smart Managed Services Start at $3,500 a month

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Bigger Space, Better Infrastructure, and Convenient Location 

We are delighted to announce our expansion of the Hyderabad Office by moving to a new location with a lot more space, better infrastructure, and even better access. This is an additional step towards better serving our esteemed CTRM Customer base to meet the growing demand for our services across commodity industries.

Equipped to accommodate the accelerated demand for our CTRM services

This decision to augment the existing space was taken just in time to accommodate the accelerated demand for our CTRM services. We now have an ecosystem that provides for greater interaction, both offline and online for our partners, clients, and staff. This also brings us closer using the latest technology, hardware, and high-speed connectivity options enabling us to be available on-demand, supporting multiple time zones.

With a growing footprint in the industry, we must scale up and reinforce both our operational capability as well as our service delivery network by recruiting fresh talent and forming new teams. This new establishment provides better infrastructure and space management capability with just the right amount of flexibility to accommodate necessary changes when the need arises.

“The expansion of our global office based in Hyderabad is yet another step towards underlining our commitment to keep reinventing ourselves and coming up with newer, better ways to serve our Clientele & Employees. We are constantly scanning new horizons and expanding our vision by bringing in innovation and advancements into our mechanisms. As we embark on this new journey into our newer space that provides a better work environs, we now focus on onboarding fresh talent into our network. Our core competency to extend CTRM support to keep client operations running remains our top priority” says Nitesh Raj, Co-Founder & Managing Director.

The expanded Value Creed establishment in Hyderabad reflects our vision to outperform, our ideology to go with the best, drive innovation, seek excellence, and offer differentiated services. It mirrors our commitment towards adding value and certifies due diligence towards future-readiness.

CTRM expertise is founded in real-world problem solving for one of the most mission-critical applications in the commodity markets. When choosing a partner for your CTRM enhancement, upgrade and ongoing application support and management, you must trust the firm and the team they bring to bear.

At Value Creed, we are on a mission to develop the world’s most accomplished team of CTRM experts available to you around the clock, 24/7/365.  In evidence of our commitment, we want to celebrate the work anniversary, and share the “get it done” experiences of our team members,  Monish and Astha, as they share their professional learnings over the last year:

Astha Jain, Technical Consultant

“Being challenged every day is what I find stimulating and engaging about being a member of Value Creed’s team.

My expertise as a computer software engineer was quickly applied to the complex problem solving and critical thinking necessary to address our worldwide clients’ CTRM application solution outsourcing needs. Mentored by our tenured CTRM team, I was tasked with setting up an SSRS.  I quickly realized Value Creed is all about digging into CTRM applications, multitasking, juggling between different roles, and implementing CTRM solutions in a fashion driven by best practices, rather than the status quo. Whether it’s an extension or a bug, an automation or upgrade, front-end or back-end, I am committed to solving any challenge as a seamless extension of our client’s in-house team, so every client’s CTRM application is running error-free.

Dedication, functional know-how and technical excellence are the qualities our CTRM Superheros bring to your project. Reach out and learn more about the industry’s most innovative approach to upgrading and enhancing your CTRM solution.