Software Selection Methodology

Through our years of managed services experience, having taken many customers through upgrades and software migrations, we have developed a strong system for gathering and understanding the CTRM customers’ business requirements and how they evolve.  

We believe that a deep understanding of the business processes and precisely aligning your software requirements to your strategic plan are the most important aspects of software selection. During the software selection process, we prepare and guide you through checklists, product labs, demos, and workshops to determine the best fit for your organization. 


Process Evaluation Key Activities


Conduct workshop sessions with key team members to understand current processes and discuss future considerations

Mapping of Current Processes

Create Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 process maps for all business functions

Optimization Opportunities

Identify areas to optimize current processes and develop and execute a plan to update them


Establish KPIs and a plan to periodically review and reevaluate current business processes and refine as necessary

Gap Analysis

Identify gaps and opportunities for new processes to be put into place and develop an execution plan to establish them with the business

Future Opportunities

Identify future growth needs and prioritize them in the maturity cycle

Process Evaluation Deliverables

Meeting Schedule & Timeline

Roles & Responsibilities Summary

Process Maps

Documentation (Training Library)

Vendor Evaluation

During the Evaluation Phase, we take a deep dive into each vendor and their solution. We use our Requirements and Selection Criteria to guide our evaluation during product demos.

  • Develop a demo format and demo script for all vendors to follow
  • Ability to showcase the functionality and user interface of the highest priority selection criteria
  • Develop a standard scoring sheet for all participants during the vendor demos
  • Predetermined rankings and scoring criteria keeps all parties unbiased and objective
  • Live demos of the solution demonstrated by a vendor’s team member
  • Demos will follow predetermined use case scenarios

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 Learn how a Natural Gas Marketer Streamlined Workflows and Logistics with Value Creed’s Guidance

  • 100% Inventory visibility in real-time
  • 85% Reduction In time spent reconciling bulk trade contracts
  • 55% Improvement in plan-to-forecast accuracy

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Improved Go-to-Market Strategies through Full Transparency

An integrated biofuel and natural gas company sought Value Creed’s help in solving several reporting issues so it could optimize its marketing, trading, transportation, and distribution services. The company needed real-time insights into its ethanol inventories, assurance that it has captured all components of high-volume bulk trades, and alignment of its inventory logistics with its sales forecasts.

Key Results


Inventory visibility in


In time spent reconciling
bulk trade contracts


Improvement in plan-to forecast accuracy

Data Visibility Drives Insights

Like many companies operating in the commodity-trading space, the client could not economically maintain a full staff of IT professionals conversant with every aspect of CTRM platforms and workflow. Value Creed, on the other hand, has assembled the leading technical and functional experts and equipped them with the most sophisticated tools available. Our teams understand CTRM’s complicated data structure and have acquired the knowhow to visualize, map, and streamline the platform’s modules, their discrete functions, and their reciprocal relationships and interfaces.

Current, Accurate Inventory

  • Consolidated, 360-degree transparency
  • Custom reports delivered daily through email

Trade Control & Validation

  • Tracking each contract included in bulk trades
  • Locating trades unaccounted for in high-volume transactions

Plan/Forecast Alignment

  • Coordinating production/acquisition with inventory
  • Ensuring capacity sufficient to meet demand

Value Creed Services Mobilized:

 Robotic Process Automation

Value Creed expedites workflows by eliminating bottlenecks caused by time-consuming manual processes. Automation flows data immediately to where it belongs, enabling fully informed decision-making.

RunSmart™ Managed Services

An experienced team and sophisticated technology combine to deliver feature-rich functionality and operability. You pay only for the services you need when you need them.

Proven Processes; Tailored CTRM Solutions; Tangible Results

Whether you need customized reports to calculate real-time inventory, track high-volume trades, monitor trends and profitability by trade type and commodity, or any other functionality improvement along the CTRM journey, Value Creed can help you reach your destination.

Commodity and energy traders rely on us to provide CTRM solutions and intelligence motivated by our fluency with CTRM platform specifics and trade processes. We deliver by applying our proprietary process:


  1. Intelligence Gathering – We learn about the client’s workflow requirements and how the current process or CTRM software configuration is limiting its implementation.

  2. Solution Design – Our technical team creates mockups of the CTRM solution’s architecture and dashboard and defines the scope of work.

  3. Development – Value Creed creates and tests scripts to discover the most elegant and robust answer to each challenge. Additional preliminary and end-user acceptance testing are performed before validation and installation.

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CTRM Robotic Process Automation

BUSINESS PROCESS CHALLENGES Consider the Effect Complex CTRM Business Processes Have On Performance How much time do your traders, schedulers, and accountants spend manually entering

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Take Control of Your CTRM Platform

Align functionality with company workflows

Functional and Technical Expertise Deliver Higher User Acceptance Testing Success

Testing during an upgrade or enhancement is absolutely critical in commodity trading and risk management.

That’s why our CTRM experts have decades-worth of experience preparing, executing, and reporting on both manual and automated tests, allowing the testing process to happen more smoothly, in less time, with better results.

Watch The New Approach to CTRM Upgrade and Extension Testing

See how Value Creed creates, runs, and analyzes CTRM upgrade and extension tests to achieve a 99% success rate in this expert video:

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Manual Testing: Leveraging CTRM Expertise

Our CTRM experts handle testing from start to finish in a four-step process:

Document Contract To Cash Scenarios

Detailed discussion and documentation set the requirements for each test scenario.

Create & Upload Test Scripts To QMetry

Our experts create test cases for each scenario and analyze them with QMetry.

Provide Manual Testing Results

Test documents and screenshots captured at each step illustrate the results based on data.

Bug Tracking & Resolution

Every bug is shared with the respective developer, along with documented solutions.

CTRM UAT Hybrid Testing Process Flow Chart

See how manual and automatic testing come together for 24/7 CTRM monitoring and more in our free download

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Case Studies: CTRM Testing In Action

Value Creed uses Qmetry on top of Jira to provide the highest quality manual tests to its clients. See how this advanced testing utility brought a 99% UAT pass rate to a major North American utility company—or read more about how we developed best practices using Qmetry in our advanced hybrid testing case study.

Customer Case Study

99% UAT Pass Rate for CTRM Cloud Migration

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