#1 Overcoming Data Integration Breakdowns For Seamless Daily Starts

Every CTRM/ETRM platform is responsible for aggregating prices, tracking positions, and creating reports for decision-making.  But spending half a day or more searching over potentially failed processes like:

Value Creed helps you leverage the expertise of our team and the one-on-one personalized account management and troubleshooting led by leading CTRM platform experts with over ten years of experience. We’ll show you how you can resolve common run operate challenges before they happen.

#2 How To Proactively Overcome Reporting Integration Failure for CTRM Platforms

Value Creed’s Run Smart CTRM Managed Services runs in conjunction with your reporting system to ensure your pricing, credit, risk, and other reports are complete and accurate so have the most complete information for basing your positioning decisions in the format you need and commodity managers can use.


#3: Cloud & Database Monitoring & Maintenance

With our Cloud & Database Managed services the CTRM platforms perform at 99% uptime, delivering reliability for your team and lower overall cost of ownership over the long-term. 

Whether your CTRM is hosted on-prem or in the cloud, our Managed Services team ensures availability and fine tunes your environment to improve performance.

#4 What Do I Do about “Crazy Crude Prices:” Be Prepared for the Unexpected

The unprecedented demand-killing consequences of COVID-19 and abnormal behavior from market participants under stress show that markets for any commodity are subject to extreme and unexpected volatility.

Value Creed’s Run Smart™ Managed Services include dual timezone coverage, so there is always someone monitoring your data inputs.

No matter what time of day or night the crazy data rears its ugly head, a Value Creed CTRM/ETRM platform expert will immediately begin reconciling it and rectifying any errors it causes.

Value Creed has automated the process of searching for and isolating outliers as they occur. By isolating the cause of errors in real time, we empower data users to begin remediating them right away.

#5: Keeping Value At Risk (VaR) Reports On Track

Value at risk (VaR) is one of the most useful risk calculations, as it allows for a consistent analysis of positions and price movements for a given portfolio across time.

Value Creed’s integrated CRTM managed service platform, Run Smart™, is easily customizable to any business model. 


Run Smart™ interfaces with downstream reporting software and upstream transaction-reporting and data sources. Its reporting capabilities capture, collect, and present real-time market updates, physical stores and portfolio positions.

 Every night, Run Smart™ evaluates the calculated VaR for the portfolio or selected segment with the confidence interval, loss limit, and timeframe established by the user.

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This post is our series, 5 Reasons for Choosing Run Smart™ CTRM Managed Services.  Learn more about key reasons for moving to Value Creed’s Run Smart Managed services with these posts:

Value Creed's Run Smart Managed Services Start at $3,500 a month

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Consider the Effect Complex CTRM Business Processes Have On Performance

How much time do your traders, schedulers, and accountants spend manually entering data into multiple applications, updating contracts by hand from emailed PDFs, comparing orders to fulfillment, or updating positions? We’re willing to bet it’s too much. 

These facts make finding modern solutions to critical, yet repetitive tasks paramount. Explore how these tasks are being improved using robotic process automation.

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Why Robotic Process Automation Is Changing The Way CTRM Workflows Are Done

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA,  is not new, but rather new to CTRM systems.  RPA enables commodity producers, traders and providers to rely on software robots to do repetitive, documentable tasks performed by front, middle and back office staff members today.  Time spent on these tasks can be reclaimed and allocated to higher-value programs.

80% of Your Repetitive Processes Can Be Handled By Robotic Process Automation



Proven Use Cases for Major Industries Using CTRM Software

Value Creed’s turnkey services put the power of RPA CTRM at your fingertip, no matter where your company operates in the energy production/marketing/distribution stream:


Contract and inventory management, settlement, and ordering, automation drives better decisions in a climate of price and demand volatility.

Natural Gas Marketing

RPA can trigger proper responses to pipeline imbalances to mitigate disruption and penalties and flow EBB postings through settlement and invoicing.


RPA shares data from land leases, pricing contracts, receipt tickets, and statement validation for fully integrated record-to-report workflow.

Crude Marketer Operations

RPA can be employed in the reconciliation of meter tickets to terminal scale tickets, allowing for quicker agreement on receivables/payables to speed up the cash cycle.


Use of automation to simplify and speed the agreement with multiple location fuel suppliers increases accuracy and decreases time needed to identify and resolve discrepancies.

Refined Fuel Suppliers

Automate scheduling by reading BOL data send via emails or downloadable PDFs from various counterparties, incident management, billing queries, user administration and updating records and to automatically set up and run processes.


Robotic Process Automation Technology Proven for CTRM Systems

Value Creed’s robotic process automation service harnesses software technology to emulate human interactions with digital systems and software. 

These software robots can be programmed to “read” computer screens and digital documents, carry out a complicated series of keystrokes, instructions, navigate systems to  identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of user-defined actions. And, they can do it faster and more consistently than people.



Watch and learn how you can identify and deploy RPA bots in place of repetitive, manual tasks for complex business processes. 

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With RPA solutions specifically suited to CTRM platforms, your organization will see the power of taking tasks that now may require staff augmentation just to address, like month, quarter or year end invoice reconciliation, and replace this extraneous staffing costs with digital robots designed to support your in-house staff by performing tedious, complicated, or routine tasks rapidly and automatically. We can set up RPA solutions that address every part of your business.

Consider every stakeholder and every opportunity for RPA, now that you have an understanding of the overall concept and can conceptualize opportunities.  If you are ready to organize this process, reach out to the Value Creed team to discover next steps or just to better plan for this effort as you transform your manual processes into automated operations.


Building business processes powered by robotic process automation should be considered a marathon, not a sprint. Fortunately, there are several small, early victories companies can achieve to generate momentum and interest within their organizations. Start by establishing RPA as a natural evolution that will further innovation and productivity. Assign enthusiasts who can inspire their co-workers to adopt the process and evangelize their successes.

With a few pilot program wins in place, it will be easier to train the entire IT team to design and implement custom automations.  Once you’re off and running, the next RPA stage involves integrating bot development into a DevOps workflow so automation projects run continuously and concurrently with testing, troubleshooting, and integration.

After a couple of years, you will have a mature RPA process. Value Creed is here to help you take the first step. 


This case study highlights how a Refined Fuel Supplier worked with Value Creed to develop robotic process automations to:

  • Recapture valuable person hours formerly spent comparing 100’s of Counterparty Bill of Landing formats
  • Reallocate time spent entering shipment tracking into scheduling, actualization and billing
  • Sending automated emails related to BOL data

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