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CTRM Expertise For Every Stage of the CTRM Journey to Value

Commodity enterprises and hedge funds must define new ways of innovating to outperform the competition amidst changing markets, scarce, specialized CTRM talent and faced pace user demands. These forces effect IT organizations as they seek to modernize workflows, define more efficient business processes, and accelerate resolution for technical and functional user needs.



Value Creed enables those managing commodities trading and risk management platforms to accomplish these goals with proven solutions powered by CTRM expertise.  Explore how your organization can deliver the outcomes you’re accountable for by partnering with Value Creed’s CTRM solutions.

Unparalleled Expertise

Value Creed is a unique team of CTRM experts with keen understanding of every stage of the CTRM lifecycle. Our passion is to bring forward-thinking solutions to bear that solve the most complex problems and deliver the greatest long-term business value.

Dual Time Zone Model

Around-the-clock CTRM platform monitoring and support addresses users’ trading-day issues and ameliorates overnight reporting anomalies. Managers have access to accurate, current accurate positions and exposures so they can make strategic decisions.

Data Accessibility

and Analysis

Value Creed’s Data SmartTM puts you in command of your data. Flow it into downstream apps. Put it in the hands of your key decision makers. Position your organization to capitalize on advantageous trade opportunities, balance positions, and minimize risks.

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