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Silicon Valley Review Recognizes Value Creed as a “2020 Company To Watch”

Editor Calls Firm a “Disruptor of Traditional Consulting Models” for Business Critical ETRM/CTRM Platforms

Value Creed’s ETRM/CTRM on-demand managed services continues to garner praise from clients and industry observers.

The Silicon Review recently cited Value Creed’s innovative, affordable cloud-based integration and ability to optimize the run/operate phase through expert-driven, round-the-clock monitoring and reporting as a disruptive business model. These industry-leading criteria helped elevate Value Creed to a spot as one of the magazine’s “50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020.”

Dual Timezone Approach Exceeds Performance of Dated Managed Services Models

Value Creed’s revolutionary dual timezone managed services offering aptly named “RunSmart,” includes 24/7/365 expertise to ensure full access to applications and troubleshooting. Working as an extension of the clients’ internal IT team, Value Creed seamlessly integrates functional, technical and business support to ensure software and reporting anomalies do not hinder trading operations or position transparency. RunSmart was created as a solution to transform commodities and energy traders’ foundering system into highly effective tools for productivity, decision making, and profitability. Built by the CTRM and Cloud experts at Value Creed, Run Smart is an end-to-end platform for managing, extending, and optimizing applications.

Value Creed Named “Top Company to Watch in 2020”

The Silicon Review 50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2020 program identifies companies that not only have the most innovative, diversified and reliable solutions, but also have a self-evolving and self-adaptable quality to best serve the ever-changing needs, and mastered the discipline of innovation,” said Sreshtha Banerjee, Editor-in-Chief of The Silicon Review Magazine.

The Silicon Review chose Value Creed based on our ability to provide clients “with the expertise to get the most from their system, rapidly move to the cloud, and engage with experts to accomplish the support and enhancements that will truly help them achieve their business goals and vision…” In the magazine’s feature, Value Creed Founder and Managing Director Priyankar Datta explained that managed services offer trading firms a way to harness the expertise that is difficult to recruit, train, and retain in such a dynamic industry. “CTRM software is absolutely business-critical, but many companies struggle to support the platform around the clock, day-in, and day-out,” he said.

“This leaves many CTRM platforms sub-optimized, expensive to support, and cumbersome to update when it should be their most powerful engine for growth.”

But with Value Creed’s unique-in-the-industry dual-time-zone managed services solution we give our clients a proactive team devoted to carrying out the daily and overnight procedures to deliver expected functional and technical performance, with maximum uptime for business users and traders.

Value Creed's Run Smart Managed Services Start at $3,500 a month

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